Transferring Timesheets to Back Office

Transferring to Quickbooks #

This feature is only available with an installed version of Quickbooks, it is not available on the Cloud Based version

To transfer a timesheet to Quickbooks, you must first transfer the Assignment to Quickbooks, this will just need to be done once, and we recommend doing it when the Placement is made.

  1. Access the Position the Placement was made for
  2. Click Placements
  3. Click the Date of the Placement
  4. Click Quickbooks
  5. Click Send to QuickBooks

Once these steps are completed, you can now transfer the Timesheets for all Contractors:

  1. Click Contract from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Hours 
  3. Choose the Pay Period you wish to transfer
  4. Click Search
  5. Choose Transfer to Back Office from the Action Toolbar
  6. Export to Quickbooks
  7. Click List Timesheets
  8. Checkmark the timesheets you wish to transfer and select Send to Quickbooks

Transferring to Paychex #

You can also choose to transfer your Timesheets to Paychex if desired via a csv file.

Create and Populate Paychex Fields #

The first step to using the Paychex export is to create the fields needed for a successful transfer between PCRecruiter and Paychex. For example ORG ID and Worker ID.

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Choose Custom Fields
  3. Choose Name Custom Fields
  4. Select Add in the action toolbar
  5. Create your custom field by entering a Field Name and choosing your Action. If you choose to have a dropdown or checkbox be sure to setup the Default Values as well.

Now that your field is created you will need to add it to your name layout:

  1. Access a Name Record in your database
  2. Select the Customize icon in the dropdown on the right
  3. Select “Click to Set Field” this will display a dropdown allowing you to select your new field
  4. Save once your fields have been added to the layout
  5. You may now begin populating these fields on your contractor’s records to be exported

Export Hours #

  1. Select Contract from your main toolbar
  2. Click Hours
  3. Select the appropriate Pay Period
  4. Click Search
  5. Once viewing your list of hours select Transfer to Back Office option from the Action Dropdown
  6. Enter your Client ID and Line Date, these will show as static columns in your export.
  7. Choose the Customize gear icon in the bottom left corner of the window
  8. Map the PCRecruiter Field (Source) to the Paychex export field by matching the fields on the left with the correct destination fields on the right. – your PCRecruiter data will show in these designated columns.
  9. Save and Close when finished
  10. Choose List Timesheets; this screen will show everyone who has submitted timesheets for the designated period, however; they will only be selected if they have been approved. You may manually select others as well.
  11. Choose Export
  12. Open your downloaded export to begin the import to Paychex.

Please note you will only need to complete steps 5-7 again if you choose to modify your spreadsheet data in the future.