Summary User/Security Report #

The Summary User/Security Report is used in conjunction with the User Security Definition Key.  This report will list each username  and their security settings. This is done in a number format that can be decoded with the definition key.

Detailed User/Security Report #

This Report is similar to the Summary User/Security Report however, it does not use a number key to show the information. This report will list each user, each security option and what each user is set to. This report is great for auditing your security settings!

Sample Detailed User/Security Report #

User Name Record Report #

This report contains the same information as the Detailed User/Security Report, but can also include User Information, Security Policy options, Groups, Preferences and International Settings for users. It can be filtered by User Name or Group.

Group Record Report #

When Groups are in use in the database (See you can view their details within this report.