LogicMelon allows you to post multiple jobs to multiple sites with ease. Once a job is posted from PCRecruiter it is managed from your usual LogicMelon account to post to your desired sites while your candidates are entered into PCRecruiter.

Enable LogicMelon #

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Select Job Board
  3. Choose Configure Job Channels
  4. Under Standard Job Boards, click ‘+
  5. Click LogicMelon
  6. Click Done
  7. Save

Configure LogicMelon #

  1. Select Position from the main toolbar
  2. Choose any Position in your database
  3. From the position record choose Post Job from the action menu.
  4. Select the gear icon for the LogicMelon row
  5. Enter your LogicMelon Username, Password and API Key
  6. Check box to Sync Applications (This will happen every 15 minutes.)
  7. If you are based in the UK, you will also need to check the box for UK Endpoint
  8. Save

Send a Job to LogicMelon #

  1. Select the Position you would like to post
  2. Choose Post Job from the action menu
  3. Select the checkbox for LogicMelon
  4. Next
  5. Follow the presented prompts from LogicMelon
  6. Post when finished – this will add the position to your LogicMelon account
  7. You must now login to your LogicMelon account and choose where you would like to post the job following standard procedures supplied by LogicMelon