PCRecruiter offers a integration with hireEZ, allowing users to update candidate records within PCRecruiter with the click of a button. This feature will search the candidate against the hireEZ talent pool to update the talent profile with the latest information on the candidate. Once a possible match is returned the user will have options to keep the name record associated with the company it belongs to in PCRecruiter, or to bring in the company data from hireEZ as a new company record.

hireEZ Rediscovery #

For information on connecting hireEZ to your PCRecruiter database for candidate export or EZ Rediscovery, log into the hireEZ Help Center.

Enhance PCRecruiter Data with hireEZ #

From each Name Record in PCRecruiter, you can choose to update via hireEZ to enhance the record.

  1. Select a Name Record (The Record must have an Email Address in the Predefined: Email Address field)
  2. From the Action menu in the toolbar at the top of the record, click the EZ icon.
  3. A panel will appear to the right prompting you to login to your hireEZ account
  4. Enter your API key (provided to you by hireEZ) if the key is not already present.
    • Once the API key has been entered by any user with ‘Full Permission’ System Administrator security, the key will be applied for all users but only editable by administrators.
  5. hireEZ will try to find matches based on:
    • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address (Primary Email Address only)
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (if stored in PCR’s default Social fields)
  6. Once a match is found, you will be prompted to Choose a Company for the record. There are four options:
    • Keep the Name at the Company it is currently associated with (Currently Assigned Company)
    • Create a new Company based on the Captured Company from hireEZ and move the Record to the New Company (Captured Company)
    • Choose a Matching Company that already exists in your PCR database (Matching List)
    • Search for a different Company to move them to (Select Company from PCR Database)
  7. Finally you will review the data that exists in PCRecruiter and compare it to the data found in hireEZ. The PCR and hireEZ icons on each item indicates the source of that data point. Click on the icon to toggle between the two values. The fields include:
    • Image
    • First/Last Name
    • Title
    • Location
    • Email: For an Email Address to be added, you must choose which Email field to place it in. If you leave it as “Undefined” it will not be added to PCR.
    • Phone: For a Phone Number to be added, you must choose which Phone field to place it in. If you leave it as “Undefined” it will not be added to PCR.
    • Social
  8. Click ‘Save.’ When finished, the record will refresh with the updated information.

In addition to the field data, updating with hireEZ adds the following to the Name record:

  • A list of relevant terms will be added to the Keywords area.
  • A brief description of the candidate will be stored in the Notes section of the record.
  • The Work and Education experience will populate into the History section of the record.