1. Click the System in the Main menu.
  2. Select Region

Time Offset #

The Time Offset specifies the default time zone for the database. The Time Zone selected here will be applied to the logging of events such as the time when a candidate registered or applied via the job board.

If not all users are located in the same Time Zone, a per-user time zone setting is available in the ‘International’ section of the User Record.

International Settings #

  • Phone Formatting โ€” Choose whether to format Phone fields in US/Canada format (xxx) xxx-xxxx, or a freeform International Format. If set to ‘Follow Currency Setting’, the phone field will match the format for the selection Currency type.
  • International Currency โ€” Define the default currency used for salary and other monetary values in the database.
  • Time Display Option โ€” Define whether a 12 or 24 hour value should be used for time storage.
  • Default Radius Search โ€” Defines whether postal code radius searching should be handled in Miles or Kilometers.
  • Default Radius Country โ€” Select which country database the postal radius code search should use.