Resume Header/Footer

Adding a Header and/or Footer to a resume allows you to add your own branding and contact information (similar to a letterhead) when sending resumes out of PCRecruiter either through print, email, or download.

Add Your Header/Footer #

  1. Start by selecting any name in your database, and then select the “Resume” icon located in the navigation toolbar.
  2. In the Resume section, locate and choose the “Edit Header/Footer” option from the action toolbar .
  1. In the top left corner you are able to choose if you are modifying your Header or Footer, select accordingly.
  2. Click the Pencil icon in the top left corner of your header/footer. This will open your default text editing software.
  1. Create your header/footer accordingly and select Save.
  1. Close the text editing software
  2. Click back into your Header/Footer area, which is now shaded and reading “Click to Reload Document”
  3. Your Header/Footer is now ready to be enabled.

Enable Your Header/Footer #

  1. Select any name in the database followed by the Resume icon from the navigation toolbar.
  2. From this screen, choose Edit Header/Footer from the actions menu.
  3. Choose the Customize icon in the bottom left corner of this window
  4. Choose when you would like the Header/Footer to be applied
    1. Printing
    2. Downloading
    3. Emailing
  5. Use the Pages dropdown to determine if you would like the Header/Footer to be applied to All Pages or just the First Page
  6. Select OK.