Move/Copy Records Between Databases

Requirements #

There are a few requirements that must be met before you are able to move/copy records between databases

  • User name must be the same in each database
  • Password has to be the same in each database
  • Must log in to both databases prior to moving/copying
  • User security settings for BOTH databases: Data Transfer set to Import/Export, Allow Record Merging to Full Permission
    • Select System
    • Choose Users
    • Choose Manage Users
    • Select the Username involved with the move/copy
    • Choose Security
    • Within the Other tab set Data Transfer to ‘Import, Export’
    • Within the Other tab set Allow Record Merging to ‘Full Permission

Moving records between databases #

  1. First, move the records to a rollup list
  2. Open the rollup list and select all records you wish to move/copy
  3. Go to the Action menu dropdown in the upper right corner and select either Copy or Move to database
    • Copy to Database will make a copy of the selected record in the target database
    • Move to Database will move the selected records from the source database to the target database.  The records will no longer be accessible from the source database once moved.
  4. Select the Target database, this is the database the records will be moved/copied to.
  5. Select Duplicate Checking Options, these are the fields compared in order to detect duplicate records in the target database. 
  6. Select your Database Copy Options
  7. Click Move

This may take some time depending on how many records are being moved.