Adding Companies

Use the following instructions to add clients, vendors, and prospective client companies to your database.

Company Records are commonly used to: #

  • Store valuable information
  • Easily access their website and social media
  • Research the company using Google and Social Media Search Tools
  • View and add its employees
  • View and document calls, emails and follow-ups
  • Add and monitor job orders received
  • Track candidates submitted and ultimately placed

How to Add a Company Record #

  1. Click Company on your Main Toolbar to open the Company Search Menu
  2. Click the Add Company action icon on the right side of your screen
    • From an existing Company Record, the Edit Company navigation tab also has a Add Company icon in the action menu dropdown
  3. Enter the Company Details and click Save (the dialog box will close once the company is added to the database)

Default Company #

The PCR database administrator should create one Default Company in the database. Since PCRecruiter’s structure requires that all names be associated with a company, the Default Company serves as a holding place for names imported via the Inhaler, candidates who register via web extensions, or names imported from a list when a company is not defined. You may also add any name to the is company when their current company is unknown, or you do not need their current company as a record in your database. This Company is accessed by selecting Display Default Company from the action menu of a company record.

Please note: the default company is determined by the field titled “Default Company Type” being set to Default Company. It is important to know that each database should have only one default company.