PCRecruiter has a system-wide job feed* for ZipRecruiter. Adding your jobs to this feed makes it possible for ZipRecruiter to find and list your position data.

PCRecruiter does not directly handle sponsorship or boosting and is only able to provide the job data and inbound candidate receipt functions. Please speak with your ZipRecruiter representative about paying for or promoting job listings.

* A ‘job feed’ is an XML file that contains a list of date-stamped job content formatted specifically for another system to periodically read.

These feeds will expose the following stock fields from your PCRecruiter job record to ZipRecruiter:

  • Title
  • City
  • State
  • Country: If the Country is incomplete on the position, the default country set on the ZipRecruiter config will be used.
  • Postal Code
  • Job Description: The plain text of the Job Description on the job record.
  • Apply URL: The job’s link from your PCR Job Board. Do not use the ZipRecruiter feed until the Board is configured.
  • Company: The Company record that the job is tied to, or the name of your company, as selected when posting.

You will also be able to set additional values specific to ZipRecruiter on a per-job basis:

  • Category┬á(required)
  • Job Type (required)
  • Compensation Interval
  • Salary
  • Compensation Currency
  • Has Commission
  • Vision, Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, and Retirement Benefits
  • Experience Level
  • Education Level

Configuration #

Before any users can add jobs to the feed, an administrator-level user must first enable and configure the channel. This only needs to be done once to enable the channel for the entire database.

  1. Open SYSTEM from the main PCRecruiter menu.
  2. Using the Search box at the top of the menu, locate and open the Configure Job Channels panel. The ‘Configure Job Channels’ window is split into ‘Standard Job Boards’, which allow the direct uploading of your jobs to your own account on a third party site, and ‘Job Feeds’, which aggregate the jobs opted in by multiple companies across the entire PCRecruiter hosting service so that job posting sites like ZipRecruiter can collect them from a central location.
  3. Click on the large ‘+’ (plus) under the Job Feeds section to begin activating a new channel.
  4. Click on the ‘ZipRecruiter’ option.
  5. Click ‘Done’ to add the selected options.
  6. Click the red ‘gear’ icon on your un-configured channels.
  7. In the configuration window, you will choose the default values for your postings to this channel. You will be able to override these options on a job-by-job basis as you add positions to the feed. Select the options that you are likely to want in the majority of cases.
    • The┬áDefault Feed Organization Name is the public company name displayed on your ZipRecruiter account. ZipRecruiter will use this value to associate your jobs with your company.
  8. Click ‘Save’ to lock in your default values.
  9. Once you have completed all configurations and see no more red configuration gear icons, click ‘Save’ to activate the configured channels.

Posting a Job #

Once you have configured the ZipRecruiter job channel, you can begin to add your open positions to the channel.

  1. Open any public position in your database. Your job must be set to Available/Open Status, ‘Show on Web’ must be set to Show, and the Number of Openings field cannot be 0. These are the same values that govern whether a job appears in your PCRecruiter Job Board. If the job is visible in your job board then it can be posted to ZipRecruiter.
  2. Choose ‘Post Job’ from the action menu at the upper right corner of the position record.
  3. Check / Uncheck the channels that you wish to post the job to (in this case, leave ZipRecruiter checked).
  4. Click ‘Next’
  5. Fill in the fields accordingly. Any items with an asterisk are required by ZipRecruiter. (Note: Although Compensation Interval is marked as required, it will be ignored if you do not provide any Salary values).
  6. Click ‘POST’ to queue this job for the ZipRecruiter Feed. The job will usually appear on ZipRecruiter within 6-12 hours.

Further Information #

  • You may re-open the same panel later on and use the ‘Remove’ option to take a job out of the feed and off of the ZipRecruiter site. Job removals occur within the same 6-12 window as postings. Jobs will automatically be removed if they no longer meet the publishing criteria outlined above (Status = A, Web = Show, # Openings > 0)
  • You may return to the same ‘Post Job’ window to view the date and time when the job was posted. NOTE: This timestamp indicates when the user clicked ‘post’ to queue the job for PCRecruiter’s aggregated job feed, but does not indicate when or if the job became public on ZipRecruiter. The PCRecruiter feed updates hourly and ZipRecruiter checks the feed roughly every six hours, so there may be a difference of several hours between the date given in this window and the actual appearance of the job on ZipRecruiter.
  • Applicants will be able to use ZipRecruiter’s ‘Quick Apply’ feature to apply to these jobs without leaving the ZipRecruiter site. ZipRecruiter will push their information directly to your PCRecruiter database and associate the record with the appropriate job pipeline.
  • The EEO Source field will be set to ZipRecruiter for the applicant and, if the candidate is new to the database, a ‘Referrer’ custom field will be created for their record with the value set to ‘ZipRecruiter’ as well.
  • Posting a job is a one-way upload from your database into PCRecruiter’s master feed. Any changes made to the position after posting will not be reflected in the feed unless the job is re-posted.