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Once you have configured your Email Alias, you can send emails directly from PCRecruiter. You’ll find email icons throughout the system. The instructions below are specifically about sending email from a Name record, but the same general principles apply for the Email screens elsewhere in PCR.

  1. Open the record you would like to send an email to.
  2. Locate the Email Address field.
  3. Click the Email () icon to open the Compose Email Window

There are four sections within this screen:

  • Email
    • From โ€” Select from your Email Aliases as defined under System > Email Setup
    • To / CC / BCC โ€” Enter the recipient(s). The Email icon at the right of these fields will allow you to search for recipients within the database by Last/First Name, or to use a Rollup as an Address Book (see the ‘gear’ icon within the Email Search popup to select lists).
  • Send Options
    • Meeting Request โ€” attaches an .ics format calendar invite (not supported by all email clients)
    • Return Receipt โ€” includes a request to be notified when read (not supported by all email clients)
    • Importance โ€” Designates importance of the email (not supported by all email clients)
    • Attach Profile โ€” Inserts a generic link to open and fill out a Profile Form at the top of the email. Note: This will be added after the mail has been sent and will not be visible while composing.
    • Private Email โ€” Check this box to send the email without logging an Activity
    • Combine into PDF โ€” Check this box to convert all attached documents into a single PDF when sending. Click ‘Preview’ to see the PDF in advance.
  • Attachments โ€” Use this panel to attach one or more documents from your computer to the email.
  • PCR Files โ€” Use this panel to choose Global, Name, or Company attachments related to the record to the email.

Saved Drafts #

The Save Draft button at the bottom of the email composition screen sends the email to the ‘Drafts’ folder within the PCR Mail Client. To access the draft:

  1. Click the gear icon at the top right corner of PCRecruiter
  2. Select Email to open the PCR Mail Client
  3. Expand the Personal folder in the folder list by clicking the plus sign to the left of it.
  4. Select the Drafts subfolder.
  5. Click on the email to open it. From here, proceed as normal to edit or send.