Organization Details

Organization Details are one time settings for your system. These will affect your overall experience while using PCRecruiter

  1. Click System in the Main Menu.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Click Organization Details.

The only settings in this screen that have a practical effect on current implementations of PCRecruiter are:

  • Organization Type: This affects terminology for the Company and Position features. Switching the dropdown from Agency to Corporate HR will apply “Organization” and ” Requisition” in place of “Company” and “Position” throughout the system. Switching the type to “Department” changes “Company” to “Department” and “Position” to “Requisition”.
  • System Administrator Email: This is the general outgoing email address used for emails generated by the system rather than a specific user. While this address is displayed in the Organization Details screen, to properly set up your System Administrator Email, see Outgoing Mail Settings.
  • PCRecruiter External URL: This box should be left blank unless the PCRecruiter system is being hosted on your own network rather than