Introduction to Analytics

PCRecruiter Analytics is a game-changing reporting tool within the PCRecruiter platform.

Visual Presentation: This powerful tool equips you with the means to generate essential metrics based on various activities or pipeline actions. Data is brought to life through visually engaging graphs and charts, making it easier to understand and share insights with your team.

Versatile Filtering: What sets PCRecruiter Analytics apart is its remarkable flexibility. With a wide array of filtering options, you can hone in on specific aspects of your data, whether it’s by time, company, employee, job, or team. This adaptability ensures that you get precisely the insights you need.

Goal Setting and Key Metrics: With PCRecruiter Analytics, you can set goals for specific metrics and utilize Key Metrics to track your progress toward these objectives, ensuring you always stay on target.

Data Integration: This powerful tool can be connected to multiple databases, continuously pulling data approximately every 15 minutes, ensuring you have access to real-time insights.

Team Metrics: PCRecruiter Analytics allows you to create teams and group user metrics together, facilitating effective team management.

Premium Feature: Please note that PCRecruiter Analytics is available as a premium feature. To take advantage of its capabilities, you can contact your account manager to have it added as a service.

In summary, PCRecruiter Analytics is the ultimate reporting tool, offering unparalleled customization, visual data representation, and a wide range of features for tracking and achieving your business goals. PCRecruiter Analytics is not designed to replace your existing reports. The choice between the two depends on the specific use case, each offering its own unique benefits.

Within the Analytics section, you’ll find several areas in the left-hand navigation menu, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Key Metrics: Access this section to monitor your progress towards your goals. You can also customize these pages to include charts from your Metrics pages.
  2. Metrics: Metrics are based on “Data Sets.” Each Data Set defines what to count and can be tied to activities or pipeline actions. In each Data Set, you can group and select the activities or steps you wish to track.
  3. Placements: This area provides a breakdown of your data based on permanent and contract placement information.
  4. Email Campaigns: Here, you can view statistics related to your email campaigns within the Analytics.
  5. Sequences: If you have the Sequencing feature enabled, you can access User Metrics and Sequence Results in this section.
  6. Administration: The Administration section is visible only to Analytics administrators. It’s where you can manage user security, teams, and configuration settings.
  7. About PCR Analytics: In this area, you can find information about the databases that are connected and the last time data was pulled from them.

These sections in the navigation menu are designed to help you navigate and utilize the features within PCRecruiter Analytics effectively.