PCRecruiter Themes defined the color scheme of PCRecruiter 9. These per-user settings can be particularly useful for those working with multiple databases, making it easier to identify which database is in use at any time.

Setting Your Theme and Font Size #

  1. Click the Configuration Gear icon, which can be found at the far right side of the Main Menu frame.
  2. Choose Change My Theme.
  3. The Font Size dropdown can be switched to switch between the “Default” and “Large” modes, which will affect the size of the base font throughout the system.
  4. Click on the Theme you prefer:
    • Light Mode (Default Theme)
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Mode
    • Dark Mode Condensed (Uses narrower fonts)
    • Ocean Blue
    • Grey
    • Victoria
  5. Save

You will be prompted to log into PCR again in order for the changes to take effect.