Overview Panel #

  • The Overview area of Sequencing will include:
    • A toggle for activating / pausing each Sequence.
    • A count of Active Candidates / Names in the Sequence. NOTE: This count will not show any Active contacts until at least one Task has been completed. For example, if your first Task is to send a manual email, at least one contact’s first ‘manual email’ Task must be marked with a Condition before any indication of activity will appear here.
    • A count of contacts that have Completed that Sequence.
    • A count of To-Do Tasks outstanding for that Sequence.
    • A count of completed Tasks in that Sequence.
    • If your Sequence includes an automated email, you will also see the percentage of opens, clicks, replies, etc.
  • For Sequences with the toggle indicating an Active state, right-clicking will show options to ‘Use as Template’ or ‘Pause Sequence’ (this does the same thing as the toggle)
  • For Sequences with the toggle indicating a Paused state, right-clicking will show options for the following:
    • Resume Sequence – used after pausing and editing to pick up where the Sequence left off.
    • Edit Sequence – used to edit the existing Sequence (i.e., send on days, times, etc.)
    • Edit Branches – used to edit the flow of Branches, Steps, and Conditions.
    • End Sequence – used to stop the Sequence. THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE.
  • You can right-click on a Completed Sequence and select Archive Sequence to hide it from the Overview screen.

Sequence Tasks #

Task Listing #

When you enter the Sequencing area, the first option at the top is Tasks. This is where you can view all Tasks which you have access to and any actions you need to take, grouped by type (Email, LinkedIn, etc.) At the top are filters to narrow down the list based on the Sequence name, user it is assigned to, priority, and due date.

When the Tasks screen first loads, you will see ALL Tasks. You can jump to a specific type of Task.

If you do not see any names in your Tasks area, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • If a the next Step is in an automated Email or SMS, then there is no manual Task for you to execute.
  • If you activated a Sequence after the Start Time that it was set for, there may be no Tasks to complete until the following day. For example, if it is 3 PM and you activate a Sequence that is set it to start at 8 AM, the Tasks will not start showing up until the following morning at 8 AM.
  • Filters selected at the top of the Tasks screen may be causing some Tasks to be hidden.
  • Steps which carry a delay may be queued but not ready for a Task to be completed. You can click View Queue to see any contacts waiting in this state.
  • The Sequence or Task may be active but not assigned to your user name.
Task List
In the example above, there are 8 Calls to make. The “Start Tasks” button at the top right will open the first Task listed.

Completing a Task #

When a Task is displayed, you will have access to important information about the person and the Task. The areas of the Task panel are as follows:

  • Card: The card, located in the upper left, provides a summary of info about the person. The shortcut icon to the right of their name that will open their full record. At the bottom of the card are quick links for actions such as writing an activity, adding a note, or making a call. These shortcuts reflect the same setup you have for your ‘recently viewed’ cards from the Name search area.
  • About & Resume: You can edit field data directly in the Overview / About section then click Save to store the changes.
    • Use the Configure gear icon to select which fields to show.
    • Click on the Resume tab to review the person’s resume.
  • Location in Branch: This graphic in the top center of the display shows where the person currently stands in your Sequence.
  • Activities: The center list shows the person’s recent Activities. Below the activity listing is a link to open their full name record.
  • Notes: Displays existing notes with the ability to add a new note to the name record.
  • Task: This box provides any Instructions or Script for the Step, as defined by the Sequence.
  • Mark As: This is a menu of the Conditions defined for the Step. Selecting a Condition will determine how this contact proceeds in your Sequence. Once you use ‘Mark As’ to set the Condition, the next record in your Task list will display automatically.
Task Completion
In the example seen above, the Task area includes instructions for the user completing the Call Task and a Script to read from. The clipboard icon on these two boxes will copy the Script’s text for use elsewhere. Since this Task is a Call and is set up to call the person’s cell phone, clicking the phone icon will pass the number to the RingCentral app for dialing.

Regarding Contacts with Blank Email Addresses: If you have an Automatic Email Task queued for someone who does not have an Email Address on their record, you will see an error indication on the Tasks list. You can click on that row, populate the Email Address field in the ‘About’ panel on the Task screen, and click the Save icon. If the Email Address field is not available in your Overview ‘About’ area, click the icon to the right of their name to view and edit the full name record or use the gear icon to configure and add the Email to your view. Once the email has been added, return to the Task, click ‘Mark As,’ and then select Retry. If the error cannot be resolved, you can remove the name from the Sequence.

View Queue #

Click the ‘View Queue’ option at the lower right corner of your main Sequence screen to see names that have a pending next Step. The Queue screen will show each contact’s last Task and Outcome, their Next Step, and when the Next Task is scheduled for. You can use the filters at the top of this window to filter this list, and can right-click on a person’s row to jump to their name record.

Sequence Queue
In the sample Sequence shown above, the ‘Left Message’ and ‘No Answer’ Conditions have a one-day delay before moving to the next Step, and are therefore these Steps waiting in the Queue.

Sequence Activities #

As you move a name through a Sequence, a SEQUENCE activity is written to the contact’s name record.  The Activity Text will include the Sequence details.

Sequence Activities

If you want to add a specific manual Activity to the record, you can use the Add Activity and Add Note shortcuts in the Task pane.

Add Activity or Note

Sequence Results #

Sequence Results can be accessed from within the Sequences area or from within Analytics.

  1. Click the Sequence Results tab from the top menu.
  2. Select the Sequence’s name from the dropdown at the upper right.
  3. Use the Branch menu to choose a Branch. This will display a flow diagram of the Steps within that Branch.
  4. Click on a Step with this flow diagram to see the results of the Step. You’ll be able to see how many contacts are currently at that Step, have jumped to another Step, or have moved to another Step. You can also see results based on the Conditions.