The instructions below describe entering your Monster account credentials into PCRecruiter so that you may push individual jobs to Monster from PCRecruiter. Note that in order to receive applicants, you must first configure the PCRecruiter Job Board.

To post individual jobs to Monster, have your database admin verify that Monster is enabled in your Job Channels.

  1. Open SYSTEM in the PCRecruiter main menu.
  2. Open Job Board
  3. Select Configure Job Channels
  4. Look for the “Monster” box. If it does not appear under Standard Job Boards, click the large + icon and add it to the group.
  5. Click Save.

In addition to enabling Monster as an option, every user who will be pushing jobs to the site must have the account credentials configured in their own login:

  1. Open any position record.
  2. In the Action menu at the top right corner of the position, click the Post Job icon.
  3. Click the Configure gear icon on the Monster line.
  4. The Posting URL is always
  5. Enter the Company Code, Username¬†and¬†Password for your XML posting account. NOTE: The username and password for uploading jobs via this interface is not the same as your website login for Your Monster representative should be able to provide you with your ‘xcode’ (company code), as well as a username (usually the ‘xcode’ with two digits at the end) and a password.

Posting to Monster #

  1. Open the Position record to be posted.
  2. Before posting:
    • Verify that your job record has a valid Title, City, State and Zip, and a clean Job Description.
  3. Click the¬†Post Job¬†on the Position’s toolbar.
  4. Check the box for Monster.
  5. Click Next to navigate to the Monster details for the current position.
  6. Complete ALL fields in the Monster details screen – the job will be rejected by Monster if the fields are not completed.
    • JOB_HIDE_APPLY_ONLINE — if you wish for candidates to use an “Apply” link that you have added to the job description instead of using Monster’s apply button, you will want to set this option to “Yes”. However, you no longer need to add the apply link into the description when posting to Monster. The apply link will be automatically passed on to Monster like we do when posting to CareerBuilder. If the link is in the description that‚Äôs fine, but it‚Äôs no longer a necessity. Any jobs that have already been posted will need to have the link in the description when re-posted, but any new jobs being posted for the first time can be pushed without any link in the HTML.
    • JOB_HIDE_COMPANY_INFO — if you wish for this job to appear on with your company’s name visible, you will want to set this option to “No”. If set otherwise, the company may be listed as “Company Confidential”.
  7. Click Save after entering the necessary data.
  8. Click Post to begin upload of this job to A new screen will appear which will provide details on the success or failure of the process. Depending on server traffic and queue length at the server, it may take up to an hour for the change to be reflected online.
  9. Click Close to exit the PCRecruiter Posting Wizard.

Removing From / Reposting to Monster #

  1. Open the position record.
  2. Click External Posting.
  3. Click the box in the Site column for Monster.
  4. Click Next to navigate to the Monster details.
  5. Click Repost to re-transmit the job or Remove to pull it off of Depending on server traffic and queue length at the server, it may take up to an hour for the change to be reflected online.