There are a few different types of Pipeline Reports available, these reports will give you a closer look at the information being tracked within your Pipelines.

Applicant Tracking Report #

This is a very flexible report to accommodate the various reporting needs for candidate tracking. The data presented is grouped by Position and is generated based on interview records. When selecting how to generate the report, user is provided the following options:

  • Report on a Company, Name or Position Rollup.
  • Report based on the Arranged/Placed Date or Appointment/Start Date of the interview records.
  • Sort by Job Title, Position Id, Company Name, Contact Name, User Name, Placement Date, Date Posted, City, or State/Country.
  • Filter by Contact Name, User Name, Company Name, Job Title, Position Id, Interview Type, or Interview Status.
  • Include Only Positions with Interviews.

The report groups data by Position. For each position, the report includes Position Status, Company Name, Job Title, Job Type, City, State, Contact Name, Contact Phone, User Name, Position Id, and Date Posted. Under each position, the following Interview information is included: Interview Type, Arranged Date, Appointment/Start Date, User Name, Name of Candidate, Interview Status, Gender/Race, and Source. The Gender/Race and Source data is retrieved from the EEO Data area from Details on the Name record. The report also includes:

  • Ratios for the Total Number of Positions/Unique
  • Ratios for the Total Number of Available Positions/Unique
  • Ratios for the Total Number of Internal Positions/Unique
  • Total Number of Interviews
  • Total Number of Unique Candidates
  • Interview Type Distributions
  • Interview Status Distributions
  • EEOC Race Distributions
  • EEOC Gender Distributions
  • EEOC Source Distributions

Sample Applicant Tracking Report #

Candidate Timeline by Position #

This report can be filtered by a Company or Position Rollup List, Company Name, Job Title, Position ID, Job Status, Position User Name, Position Date Posted, Interview Appointment Date, or Interview Arranged Date.

The report will show the company to which the Position is associated, Position ID, and Job Title. The Name and Source are listed for each candidate, along with the Appointment Date, Interview Type and Interview Status of each interview for the candidate.

Interview Status Distributions, Interview Type Distributions, and Source Distributions are included at the bottom of the report.

Sample Candidate Timeline by Position Report #

Active Candidate Pipeline #

This report can be generated based on a Company or Position Rollup List, individual Companies or Positions, Position Status or Position User Name. You may also include candidates based on Interview Type history using the Required option (i.e. candidate must have an In Person interview record to be included), or exclude candidates based on their Current Interview Status (i.e. exclude candidate if currently out of process).

The report will show the company to which the position is associated along with the company’s address. For each position included in the report, the Position ID, Job Title, and Position Contact are shown. A row is presented for each candidate that has been linked to the position. Each row includes:

  • Candidate Name
  • Y/N Active: A candidate is not considered active if the Interview Type for the most recent interview record is Placed, Offer Declined, or Out of Process.
  • Date Resume Submitted: Date of the first interview record for the candidate and this position where the Interview Type equals Resume.
  • Days in Process: Calculates based on the number of days from the date the resume submitted date to current date.
  • The Interview Type, Interview Status, and Appointment Date of the most recent Interview record.

Unique candidate distributions are also provided. These numbers reflect the number of unique individuals currently at each Interview Type and the History of unique individuals for the Interview Type. These numbers reflect the counts displayed next to a pipeline folder.