Refer to this log to monitor key database events categorized by user. Primarily, it is used to monitor user login attempts and their corresponding IP addresses.

Events Tracked #

Adding a UserDeleting ActivitiesDeleting a UserApplying a Global ChangePrinting a company Rollup
Adding a GroupDeleting CompaniesDeleting a GroupChanging a User PasswordPrinting a name Rollup
Adding a DatabaseDeleting NamesEditing a UserLogin Attempt FailurePrinting a Position Rollup
Updating a DatabaseDeleting PositionsExporting a RollupSuccessful LoginRunning a SQL Query in the SQL Workbench

How to Run a User Login Report #

  1. Click System from the main toolbar
  2. Click Data Management
  3. Click Logging Options
  4. You will land in the User Logins section by default.
  5. Enter the Begin Date
  6. Enter the End Date
  7. Optional: Select a Database
  8. Optional: Select a User Name
  9. Optional: Select a Log Action
  10. Optional: Enter an IP Address
  11. Click the Search action icon

Example User Login Results #