Mobile App for Contractors

Once a Contractor has been Placed on Assignment you will want to invite them to submit their hours utilizing the PCRecruiter Mobile App. The app will track their Clock in and out times, expenses, and location.

Invite the Contractor #

Once you click the Place button on the Placement record an App Invite button will appear at the bottom of the window.

  1. Click App Invite
  2. The App Invite that was configured in Notifications is displayed
  3. Edit the letter as needed
  4. Click Send

Once the Invite has been sent, a check mark will appear in the App Invite button showing that the Contractor has already been invited. Clicking the App Invite button again will trigger the same email again.

You can also resend the invitation or revoke the Contractors access to the App from their Name Record

  1. Go to the Contractors Name Record
  2. Locate the Identification If it is not on the layout, you will want to add it to your layout.
  3. Click the Key icon
  4. Here you will see the option to Click Here to Resend the Invite to Timesheets App – clicking here will trigger the form letter as it did from the Placement.
  5. You can also choose Revoke Permission if you choose to not allow the Contractor to utilize the app any further.

Lastly, if you would like to see an overall list of your current Contractors to see who has not been invited to use the app, you can do the following:

  1. Click Contract from the Main Toolbar
  2. Click Assigned
  3. Choose a Search Date (This will show Contractors that are On Assignment as of that date)
  4. Remove Username and Placement Written By filters unless needed
  5. Click Search
  6. View the Invite column, a check mark will appear if the invite has been sent to that Contractor.

Entering Hours/Expenses and Submitting Timesheets #

Using the PCRecruiter Mobile App #

In the last section, you sent an invite to the Contractor to utilize the PCRecruiter Mobile App, now we will switch gears and look at things from the Contractor side.

Account Activation #

The contractor will do the following to activate their account:

  1. Open the Mobile App Invitation from their mobile device
  2. Choose to download the App from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  3. Once the App is installed they must return to the email and click the Activate My Account link (if they open the app prior to clicking this link they will not be able to login)
  4. Now they will create a Password – the app will keep them signed in, so they should only need this if they choose to logout or switch to a new device (if they do switch to a new device they will need to use the activation email once again)
  5. Click Save
  6. Login using the password that was just created

Click In/Out and Breaks #

Now that the Contractor is logged in, they can simply click Clock In for their hours to begin tracking. A clock will appear at the bottom to display how long they have been clocked in. When taking a break they will simply click the Break option. Once all breaks have been taken the Break button will be removed from the screen only allowing the Contractor to Clock Out.

Note: If the Contractor is set to Hide Timeclock on the placement record, they will instead be prompted to enter their hours manually.

Submitting Expenses #

Contractors can choose Add Expense to add an Expense to their timesheet.

When doing so they will choose a category, and then Capture a Picture and add any additional details prior to saving.

The pass through of these expenses will be dictated by your expense setup for that Contract Assignment.

Viewing the Timesheet #

To view the current or previous timesheet the contractor can do the following:

  1. Click the Menu icon
  2. Click Timesheets
  3. Select the Assignment
  4. Select the Pay Period
  5. Click View Timesheet

Once here they can toggle between Hours and Expenses and edit if necessary

Submitting Hours #

Once a Timesheet is completed. The Contractor will access the Timesheet via the menu option as discussed above. Once accessed they will click Submit to submit their hours. The following will happen

  1. The Contractor Click Agreement you created will be presented to the Contractor. They will enter their initials to submit their hours. The initials entered the first time will be the initials used moving forward (they can be seen by the PCR user in the Initials field on the Contractors Name Record)
  2. Once submitted, the Approver email will send to the designated Approver.