Delete a Rollup

Deleting a rollup the correct way will simply remove the rollup list from being accessible in your database without affecting the records within the list. If you do not see this option within your Rollup lists it is likely that you do not have the permissions for this action. Reach out to your Administrator to be given access to this function or click HERE to see how to change your security settings.

  1. Select Rollups from the Main Toolbar
  2. Search for the rollup in the upper left side you wish to delete or toggle the switch to the right to ‘Show All’ if you want to delete multiple rollup lists at once
  3. Select the Rollups you wish to delete by marking the corresponding checkbox(s)
  4. Choose the Delete icon in the action dropdown located on the task bar at the top of the Rollup frame
  5. Choose to “Place in Recycle Bin” if desired, this allows the list to be recovered
  6. Type “Delete”
  7. Click Delete to finish