Contract Placement details can be viewed through the Analytics by accessing the Placement Tab. Once in the placement tab you can select any of the following Metrics

  • Summary
  • Time
  • Value
  • By Client
  • Over Time
  • By Employee
  • By Team
  • By Splits

Once a Metric is selected use the Chart Tabs to toggle between viewing Permanent, Contract, or Combined Placements.

Chart Settings #

Use the Analytics Chart Settings to choose how data is displayed in your Metric Charts.

Choose Settings #

  1. Access the Analytics from the Main Toolbar
  2. Open the Administration Tab (You must be an Analytics Admin in order to see this)
  3. Select Analytics Settings
  4. Choose the dates being used to measure Analytics:
    1. Permanent Placement By: Place Date, Start Date, or End Date
    2. Contract/Temp Placement By: Placed Date, Start Date, or End Date
    3. Pipeline Activity By: Arranged Date or Appointment Date
    4. Max Weeks Allowed If No Placement End Date