Changing Companies

This function is used to change the company a contact is currently with due to new employment, a company changing names, or someone being relocated. This can also be utilized for moving position records to a different company.

To Change One Individual Record #

  1. Select the name record
  2. Click Change Company from the action menu
  3. Search for the company you wish to move the name record to
  4. Select Change
  5. Choose what you would like to copy to this name record. These options will copy the information from the new company record to the name record which is being moved. Therefore updating their record to reflect their new place of employment (Do not use these options if the name record contains their personal information rather than their work information).
  6. ***IMPORTANT*** Selecting the checkbox for “Check here to include ALL names moving from Company A to Company B” will move ALL name records from Company A  to company B.
    • Only Full Permission admin level users will have this option

How to Change Multiple Records #

  1. Create a rollup list of the names you wish to change.
  2. Select All names you wish to change
  3. From the action menu dropdown select Change Company
  4. Use the dropdown to search for the company you wish to move the selected names to.
  5. Use the checkboxes to identify information you would like to copy from the company record to the name records you are changing.