Add a Record to a Rollup

Rollups are lists of Company, Name or Position records. These records are grouped together for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Call Planning
  • Imported spreadsheets
  • Records to be mass updated or deleted
  • Reporting needs
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sequencing

Add a Record to a Rollup #

  1. Go to a Company, Name, or Position record
  2. Click the Add to Rollup action icon, or go to the Rollup icon then and select Add.
  3. Click in the corresponding Name, Company or Position column of the Rollup to which you wish to add the record. You will see a progress bar indicating the record has been added below the Rollup Name
  4. Click additional lists as desired.

From PCR Capture #

Depending on which Mode you are using in our PCR Capture extension for Google Chrome, you can add records directly to a Rollup.

Basic:  In the Options for PCR Capture, enter the desired Rollup List into Rollup field and Save.

Advanced: In Step 3, Review Data, enter the desired Rollup List in the Rollup field under Additional Options.

<link to PCR Capture article>

From Parsing a Resume #

From the Add Resume Utility window, there’s an option for Add to Rollup. This will give you a pop up window to search and select an existing Rollup List.  The parsed record will be added to the selected list upon saving.

<link to Parsing a Resume article>