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PCRecruiter’s Keyword Search gives you the ability to search words and phrases in your Resumes, Summaries, Profiles, or Notes without any additional data entry. However, you can make searches more efficient if you create pre-defined lists of Codes/Tags to apply to your Name, Company, or Position records. Using consistent keywords to label and identify records will make it easier to locate them later, regardless of the words used in the resume or other non-conforming content.

Create Codes #

Set up your niche codes and use to keyword (or “tag”) your Company, Name or Position records. You do this to enhance PCRecruiter’s Keyword Search which gives you the ability to search for these codes in addition to the Resume or Notes because they are keyword searchable as well. Users can also add a keyword to a record by typing on the fly.

  1. Click the System icon on the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Select the Keyword table. There are several keyword related tables:
    • Skill Codes: Use this option to set up a table of skills (i.e. Engineering, Marketing, Training, Sales, or Technical Support).
    • Industry/Specialty Codes: Use this option to set up a table of industries and related specialties. This table is also used for the Industry/Specialty field when the field Industry/Specialty (Locked) is added to your record layout.
    • Equipment Codes: Use this option to set up a table of equipment (i.e. Heavy Machinery, Manufacturing Machinery, or Construction Machinery).
    • SIC Codes: Use this option to set up your industry niche SIC Codes
    • User-Defined Codes: Use this option to define the table name in addition to the codes it contains.
    • Education Codes: Use this option to set up a table of education codes (i.e. Bachelors, Masters, etc.). This table will not only be used for Keywords, but also the Degree Type field for Names and the Degree Required field for Positions.
  4. One you have selected your type of code add your codes as desired.
    1. Click the Add action icon add a single code manually
    2. Click the Import action icon to add codes by importing a list.
  5. Click Save.

Apply Codes #

  1. Open a Name, Company, or Position
  2. Choose Keywords from the Navigation menu.
  3. Click on one of the links across the top to select a code table.
  4. In the dialog window that appears, search for and click on any codes you wish to apply to the record. You may also manually enter codes into the keywords area, although this may introduce inconsistencies.
  5. Save the changes using the save button in Action menu