Frequently Asked Questions

Common Issues & Questions

  • I can’t log into PCRecruiter.
    1. Double-check that you are using the correct URL, as every PCRecruiter account has a unique login link.
    2. Double-check that you have selected the correct database from the dropdown on your login screen, as your account may have more than one database.
    3. Double-check your user name. Usernames are a maximum of 10 characters and are not case-sensitive.
    4. Double-check your password. Passwords are case-sensitive, so be sure your caps-lock is not enabled.
    5. If you are still unable to log in, please contact an Admin User — any other PCRecruiter user at your company with access to System > Users > Manage Users. This user can change passwords or security preferences for any user in your database.
    6. As a last resort, contact PCRecruiter Support. Our team cannot see passwords, as they are encrypted, and can only reset them. Resetting a password will require a signed consent form from the person whose name is on the PCRecruiter Agreement.
  • I cannot send email from PCRecruiter or see an “Invalid email credentials” message.

    Each user must have their outgoing mail settings defined within PCRecruiter so that the system can connect to the email provider’s server for sending messages to individuals or groups. The most common reason for being unable to send mail is that your email account password or authorization has changed or expired. You may see a notification popup stating "Invalid Email Credentials" if your alias contains outdated connection information or has expired. See the instructions for configuring your User Outgoing Email to reconnect your email account.

  • I can’t open attachments / parse resumes.

    Opening attached files in PCRecruiter with your local software (Word, Acrobat, etc.) requires the PCRecruiter Launcher to be installed. Your Launcher may need to be re-installed. See the lower left corner of the PCRecruiter Login screen for links to the launcher. See ‘Getting Started’ for info. 

  • My RingCentral integration has stopped writing Activities.

    RingCentral should create Activity records automatically. If it has stopped doing so, re-authenticating the connection will typically correct the problem .

  • Why doesn’t my screen look the same as my co-worker’s?

    The fields and arrangements of the Name, Company, and Position records can be configured per-user in PCR. If your screen looks different from another user's, the admin user can copy their layout into yours, or you can customize your own to suit your needs. Learn more about changing screen layouts here. 

  • Why do I keep getting a ‘timed out’ message in PCRecruiter?

    PCRecruiter keeps track of your active session with a combination of browser cookies and IP Address tracking. If your IP address should change or the cookie be unreadable, this can trigger a 'time out' message. Common reasons why your IP might change would be getting onto or off of a VPN (virtual private network) or using a connection with non-static IP addresses, such as a cell network or a public network. In order to remain logged into PCRecruiter, you must keep your IP throughout the session. 

    In some cases, Google Chrome's automatic unloading of inactive tabs can cause a timeout as well. Chrome will 'discard' tabs that haven't been used for 10 minutes if the browser is using a significant amount of RAM so as to avoid a crash. If you are on a static IP but are getting timeout messages, you may want to check that you aren't leaving too many tabs open simultanously. Third-party browser extensions to disable Chrome's auto-discard feature may be available.