Adding Positions

This function is used to add your client’s job opportunities/searches to your database. Once a Position is created, the details can be copied to another position or used as a template.

How to Add a Position Record #

Since all Position Records must be associated with a Company Record, adding a Position is usually done directly from an existing Company.

  1. Click the Company icon on your Main Toolbar to open your Company Menu
  2. Use the search area to find and open the company for which you have a new position.
  3. Click the Positions icon on the Edit Company toolbar.
  4. Click the Add New Position action icon.
  5. Enter details about the job.
    • If using the PCRecruiter Job Board, verify the following fields to post your job automatically.
      • Number of Openings is 1 or greater
      • Position’s Status is Available/Open
      • Show on Web is set to ‘Show’.
  6. Click Save.

How to Copy a Position Record #

The ability to copy a position creates an exact replica of an existing position in your database. The position can be edited before saving, but will be found under the same company as the original position. The ability to copy Positions eliminates the need for users to create templates when duplicating positions within the same company. Note: The Date Posted and Position ID will not copy to the new position

  1. Select a Position
  2. Choose Copy Position from the action toolbar
  3. A popup will appear containing duplicate information from the initial position, make any necessary changes to the position here.
  4. Click Save

How to Create a Position Template #

Creating a position template is a quick and easy way to copy all the fields in a position record and transfer it over to new record. Note: this will only copy field level data such as job title, location, job description etc. and not applicants in the pipeline.

  1. Go to a current position record in your database that you wish to make the template from
  2. From the Action Menu to the right select Templates
  3. At the bottom of the Manage Position Templates window click Add Current
  4. Give the template a name and if you wish also a description (The current position’s job title and identification number will automatically populate the name of the template)
  5. Click Save at the bottom

How to Use a Position Template #

  1. Go to a company record or use the Quick Add to create a new position record
  2. From the Add Position window, at the bottom right corner choose Use Template
  3. Find your existing template and click Action > Select to the left of the template name

That will load all the values from the saved template into your newly created position record where you can make the necessary modifications or simply save the new position.