Spark Hire is a third party integration used to integrate video interviewing with PCRecruiter.

Setup #

  1. Click on SYSTEM
  2. Select Add-Ons
  3. Choose Assessments Config
  4. Check the box for Spark Hire
  5. Open the Spark Hire settings (select arrow)
    • Enter API Key (provided by Spark Hire) for each user that will be using this feature
  6. Click SAVE

Creating Templates #

  1. Click on SYSTEM
  2. On the left column, scroll to the bottom and select Plugins
  3. Select “Spark Hire”
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter a Template Name
  6. Enter Interview Questions
    • Optional: Clicking on the 3-lined box to the right of each question allows you to enter the following:
      • Time Limit
      • Takes (number of times a candidate can answer the question again)
  7. Click on Save when finished

Using Spark Hire #

It is recommended that you use sample data at first when testing Spark Hire (i.e. your name and email address)

  1. Go to a position record with candidates in the pipeline
    • Required:  A Position must have data in the following 3 fields for it to be successfully transferred to Spark Hire:
      • City
      • State
      • Country
  2. Drag and Drop (or Add New) a candidate into the ‘Invited’ Folder under ‘Spark Hire Screen’
  3. Select your template from the ‘Use Question Template’ dropdown (required)
  4. Enter an Interview Due Date (required)
    • Optional:  You may create a new Template on this screen.  This can be accomplished by:
      • Not selecting an existing template
      • Entering a new Template Name in the ‘Save As New Template’ field
      • Entering Interview Questions on the right
    • Optional:  You may also add interview questions to an existing Template
  5.  Click Invite

Pipeline Stages:

  • Invited – A new interview has been created
  • Completed* – A job seeker completes an interview
  • Presented – An interview is presented to by the user to a contact
  • Deleted* – An interview is deleted by a user
  • Expired* – An interview deadline passes and the job seeker has not completed it
  • Rejected* – A job seeker deletes an interview without completing it

* Denotes events that occur in SparkHire that are reflected in PCRecruiter.

How to Email an Interview #

  • First Option
    1. Click on Completed folder
    2. Click on Watch under SparkHire column
    3. Click on Present
    4. Click on Send
  • Second Option
    1. Drag and Drop the Candidate to the Presented folder
    2. Click on Send