Email Resumes for Multiple Candidates

The Resume Routing feature is used to send one or multiple resumes at a time, as well as other attachments to a position contact.

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  1. Select a pipeline or rollup list you wish to Route from
  2. Choose the names you would like to include in your email by utilizing the checkboxes
  3. Choose Routing from the action toolbarimage (24)
  4. Use the Template option to select your routing template
    1. Use email to compose your email, enter your subject and complete your To/CC/BCC
    2. Use send options to request a return receipt, choose a level of importance, choose to mark as private email, or combine all attachments into a single PDF document. Use Routing Options to choose how many names are being sent per email, and how you would like the attachment displayed. Use Resume Options to Edit your Header and Footer Settings
    3. Attachments allows you to add files stored locally on your machine.
    4. Records Files allows you to add the candidates resume as well as any other attachments on their record. Please note if a Blinded Resume is detected it will send by default.
  5. Sendimage (25)