Add Keywords to a Record

Keywords are different than notes because they are not date and time stamped. Keywords is the place to ‘tag’ a record with specific words. For example, you can use keywords to indicate a candidate’s skills, industries, certifications, etc.

  1. Access the Company, Name, or Position record
  2. Click the Keywords icon on the Navigation Toolbar
  3. Click into the text area
  4. Type the keyword terms related to the record. Do not format with commas, parenthesis or quotation marks as this could affect your ability to search.
  5. If your administrator has defined keyword tables in the System area, you can select the various codes (Skill Codes, Specialty Codes, etc.) and select your keywords accordingly.
  6. Select Save when finished.

Not sure how to search on your new keywords? Click here to learn more!
Administrators, not sure how to configure your keywords? Click here to learn more!