Export Placements to QuickBooks

PCRecruiter now allows users to export Placements to Quickbooks Online. This feature is currently not available for Contractor Timesheets.

Activating Quickbooks Online Export #

A user with Full Admin Security must first enable this feature for your database.

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Scroll down to Database Setup
  3. Choose Oauth Connection Settings
  4. Click Connect to QuickBooks
  5. Enter your Quickbooks credentials into the Quickbooks login screen
  6. Choose Sign in

Once the feature is enabled there is also some configuration that must be done in Quickbooks

Add Uncategorized Income as a New Income #

  1. Hover over Accounting on the toolbar on the left
  2. Choose Chart of Accounts 
  3. Search the list to see if Uncategorized Income already exists
  4. If it does not click New
  5. Choose Income for Account Type
  6. Enter Uncategorized Income for Name
  7. Choose Service/Fee Income for Detail Type
  8. Save and Close

Add Permanent as a New Income #

  1. Check the same Chart of Accounts to see if Permanent already exists
  2. If it does not, click New
  3. Choose Income for Account Type
  4. Enter Permanent for Name
  5. Choose Service/Fee Income for Detail Type
  6. Save and Close

Verify the Details #

For the Placement data to transfer between PCR and Quickbooks the Company in PCR must match the Customer in Quickbooks. If it does not match add/edit the information in the Customers tab (sales).

Using Quickbooks Online Export #

Now that the feature has been enabled you are able to export your placement data to Quickbooks Online. Prior to completing the following steps, a placement must be made; you can find directions here.

  1. Open the placement record
  2. Choose Quickbooks from the row of buttons at the bottom.
  3. Click Send to Quickbooks at the bottom of the QuickBooks Invoice the window that appears.
  4. A confirmation will appear once the transfer is complete with the invoice number