Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to perform more complex searches than Basic Search. Use Advanced Search when you need to:

  • Search more than 3 fields
  • Compare results against the search value (i.e. greater than, less than, or equal to a value).
  • Find records where the field is not like, empty, or is not empty.
  • Find name records based on the History fields.
  • Narrow results based on radius to a zip or postal code
  • Save search criteria for future use
  • Return records that are on or not on a rollup list


  1. Click the Company, Name or Position icon on the Main Toolbar depending on the type of record.
  2. Click the Advanced icon.
  3. Use the first dropdown to specify where to search (Click here for further details):
    • When select Predefined Fields, Custom Fields, or History Fields.  Use the second dropdown to select the field to search, the third dropdown to specify how to search (i.e. LIKE or Greater Than/Equal). Enter the value to search in the last box. For many fields you can use the selector to the right of the last box to select from values currently in use for your database.  Click Add to add the selections to the query box.
    • When select Zipcode Radius, click the icon to the right of the second field. Select the Country, location, and radius then click Search. Zip codes will be listed. Click Select Items and Continue.  Click Add to add the selection to the query box.
    • When select to filter based on Rollup, select if you want records On/Not On List, then use the arrow to view a listing of rollups. Click the desired rollup list. Click Add to add the selection to the query box.
  4. Enter search terms in the Keywords box to filter by indexed text.
  5. Click the Search action icon. If you included keywords in your search the results will sort by relevancy to the search terms. You can use the action icons in the search results to rollup into a list, mass email, or link to a position.

Tips for searching keywords:

Boolean Operator When to Use Example
OR Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the search terms you specify. OR is a good tool to use when there are several common spellings or synonyms of a word “human resources” OR HR
AND Using AND narrows a search to include results that contain both the search terms you specify. “mechanical engineer” AND aerospace
” “ Use quotes to find a search terms as a phrase “human resources”
NOT Using NOT will narrow results by excluding search terms. NOT returns results that contain one, but not the other of the search terms you enter. sales NOT manager
( ) Use parenthesis ( ) to group relative search terms. (nurse or RN) AND (“intensive care unit” OR ICU)
NEAR Use NEAR to find results based on proximity of words.  The number after NEAR denotes the maximum number of words apart. “mechanical NEAR5 engineer”

If you would like to learn about searching the Status field, click here.