Search by Status

In PCRecruiter, the three types of records (Name, Company and Position) have a status field that can be searched via Basic or Advanced Search. For Names, and Positions, this field is simply called “Status.” For Companies, this field is called “Default Company Type.” The values for these fields are saved as single letter codes. To be able to search for these values, you must know the code that each value has. You can see which values have been used in your database, by going to the advanced search screen, and entering Status as the search field for Name and Position records, Default Company Type for Companies, and then clicking the pop up box next to the empty field.

List of Values


  • A (On Assignment)
  • C (Candidate)
  • E (Employee)
  • I (Internal)
  • H (Hiring Authority)
  • M (Manager)
  • O (Offer Accepted)
  • P (Placed)
  • T (Contractor/Temp)
  • D (Developed/Qualified)
  • S (Submitted)
  • U (Unverified


  • A (Available/Open)\
  • F (Filled)
  • I (Internal Only)
  • P (Pending)
  • H (Hold)
  • C (Closed)


  • V (Vendor)
  • X (Client Company)
  • Y (Default Company)