Resume Inhaler Setup

The Resume Inhaler is a Windows desktop application that can automatically import Word, PDF, TXT, HTML and RTF resume files from MS Outlook or a Windows directory as Name records in your PCRecruiter database.

Installation #

Download the latest installation file here. If you are unsure of your license key, please reach out to your PCRecruiter representative.

  1. After it is installed, you should see on your desktop called PCRecruiter Inhaler. The icon is a green and orange ‘N’.
  2. Double click the icon to open the program.
  3. Once the Inhaler is open choose the Actions menu and select Connection Settings.
  4. In the settings window, choose the following options:
    1. Click the ASP button. In the box that appears, paste or type the web address you use to get to the PCRecruiter login screen. (ex.
      • If you are a self-hosted customer please get the full link for your self-hosted PCRecruiter by going to System > Web Extensions Classic > PCR Website Links.
      • The link called PCRecruiter Application URL is used for the Inhaler
    2. Click Go – a login screen will appear in the box.
    3. Enter your login Username and Password, and select the Database that you plan to Inhale resumes into.
    4. Click OK
    5. Click the Test button – if the results are not successful, click ASP again and verify the login and database information.
  5. You may also select a Rollup List to add your new name records to by hitting the search button with 3 dots next to the Rollup List field.
    • You may also create a new Rollup and search preexisting Rollups from the Pop Up Screen.
  6. Click OK

Register the Resume Inhaler #

  1. From the Resume Inhaler, click the About menu and select Registration
  2. Enter your Company Name
  3. Enter your Serial Number
    • Contact PCR Support if you do not know your Serial Number
  4. Click Register