History Collection

Every Name Record has a section called History used to store a person’s credentials. Use this area to define the fields used while collecting credentials. History is commonly used to:

The types of credentialing PCR may collect are: Work History, References, Licenses, Education, and Military Service.  These items can only be searched using Advanced Name Search and are not available for reporting.

  1. Click the System icon on the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Click History Fields.
  4. Select the type of credentialing to configure.
  5. Use the Field Value dropdowns to select from a set list of the fields. Custom fields are not supported.
  6. Override the display field label (OPTIONAL). It is not recommended to change the purpose of the field.
  7. Select if the field should be required for external (candidates) or internal users.
  8. Some fields offer Dropdown Values. Use this link to configure options for the dropdown.
  9. Click the Save action icon.history_collection