Stationery, Signature, and Outgoing Mail Settings

Setup Your Signature

Your signature will automatically be applied to all emails sent from the system. It can also be inserted into a form letter through the Insert Field function.

  1. Select the System button from the main navigation bar
  2. Choose Email Setup
  3. Click the Email Signature Charm
  4. Enter signature. If you wish to add any images, use the ‘Insert/Edit’ image button in the editing toolbar. To make the image a link, click on the image to highlight it after adding it, and then use the ‘link’ icon in the toolbar to apply a link to the image.
  5. Select whether to Always Use this signature or to Select to Use it while sending an email
  6. Click Savesignature


Default Font

Default font allows you to choose the font used in email communications. Please note this will not affect form letters.

  1. Select System
  2. Choose Email Setup
  3. Choose Default Email Font
  4. Select your font and font size, you are able to preview this in the lower box.
  5. Save your changesdefault_email_font

Setup Your Stationery

Stationery can be used to set default fonts, sizes, colors, etc. when sending emails from PCRecruiter. Your stationery will automatically be applied to all emails sent out of the system. Please note that this will override any signature you have setup, so you will want to make sure you include your signature in your setup.

  1. Select the System button from the main navigation bar
  2. Choose Email Setup
  3. Choose Stationery Setup
  4. Click the Add action icon
  5. Enter Stationery Title (Ex. My Stationery)
  6. Select whether Stationery is Active or Not
  7. Use the editing toolbar to set your Stationery
  8. Enter your signature
  9. Click Save

Outgoing Mail Settings

PCRecruiter Uses your Outgoing Mail Settings to connect to your mail server. This allows you to send both bulk and individual emails. You are capable of settings up multiple alias’ allowing you to send from multiple email addresses.

Note: This will setup your individual mail settings. An admin user must setup your database email settings in order for automated emails to send.

  1. Click System
  2. Click Email Setup
  3. Click Alias List
    • Description: give this alias a name for later recognition
    • Alias Name: enter the name to appear on the email as the “sender” name
    • From Address: enter the ‘From:’ email address to be used for this alias
    • Reply-To Address: enter the email address that replies should be sent to (if different than the ‘From’ address)
    • SMTP Server (optional): Enter the server name or IP associated with this email account. The system will use a TLS encrypted connection if available. If your SMTP server requires an SSL connection, you may need to add :465 to the end of the server name. (e.g. ‘‘)
    • Disable SSL/TLS: If you want to force the email to go only through a non-SSL server connection, check this box.
    • Delay Between Emails (milliseconds):  Enter a delay to prevent bulk email issues when sending
  4. Save the settings.  

If a user utilizes multiple outgoing email addresses the above steps can be repeated as many times as necessary. You will notice, for any additional entries a “Make Default” checkbox appears as an option. By selecting this checkbox during setup; the user has now set that email address as the primary email address when sending – to access a different alias they will need to adjust the “From” dropdown on the email send screen.