User Preferences

User Preferences allow end users to set some of their own preferences controlling basic usage of the system. These settings can be accessed by choosing User Preferences from the gear icon in the top right corner (in the corner of your user photo). When selected the following preferences will display in the bottom frame.

Hold Sub-Navigation for

These options best relate to working through a list of records via either Search Results or Rollup Lists. With these options turned on (check marked) PCR will remember what menu you are open too rather than returning to the edit record screen with each new record click. For example if you are open to “Notes” the next record you select will immediately open to “Notes” as well.

Open ‘PCR Action’ in new tab

These options allow frequently used PCR actions to be opened in a new tab, rather than our traditional popup window. By opening various functions in a new tab users have the ability to move the tab to another monitor, or toggle back and forth between the action and the record itself. This can be applied to Add Record, Add Activity, Add Note, Send Email/Form Letter, Submit/Edit Profile.


Auto-Display last Company, Name or Position Record

When this setting is enabled your most recent record will automatically open when switching between record types from your main toolbar.

Save Alert

When this option is enabled users will receive a warning if they are leaving a page and have not saved their edits. For instance if a user updates a phone number and forgets to click Save before navigating to the next record, they will be warned that their changes will be lost.


Sort by Code instead of Description on Keyword Dropdowns

When using keywords (For example: Skill Codes, Specialty Codes, Equipment Codes, etc.) this will adjust your default sorting option in the selection window when adding them to a record.

Automatically load position contacts in the ‘To’ field when routing from pipeline

When this setting is enabled (Either set to ‘Primary Contact’ or ‘All Contacts’) the desired contact email will auto populate when routing in the pipeline (Click here to learn more about pipeline routing). You can assign a Contact to a position via the Contact Name field on the position record or associations.