User Outgoing Email Setup

It is important that each user has their outgoing mail settings defined within PCRecruiter.  The settings enable PCRecruiter to connect to a mail server to send the email (individual or bulk emails).  This should be setup regardless of using Integrated Email.   Please note that you will need to obtain your server name, outgoing port number, email user name, or email password from your email provider.

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Click Email Setup
  3. Click Email Alias List
  4. Click the Edit icon on the card shown at the bottom.
  • Description – Enter a name for the account, it must be unique if you enter more than 1 account. For example, OfficeO365
  • Alias Name – Enter the display name that appears in the from line a person receives your sent mail (i.e. your full name)
  • Enter your email address in the From Address and Reply to Address fields.
  • If your email is Office365 , click on the Offic3365 icon below the SMTP Server:Port field to use Office 365’s authentication. This will populate the SMTP Server:Port, User Name, and Password.  If not hosted by Office365, enter the SMTP Server:Port field, your email address, and email password. For example, if hosted by Gmail, the mail server would with your gmail address and gmail password.
  • Do not check the Disable SSL/TLSbox. Leave as is.
  • Enter 2500 in the Delay Between Emails field. This will space bulk emails 2.5 seconds apart.
  1. Click Save