User Outgoing Email Setup

It is important that each user has their outgoing mail settings defined within PCRecruiter.  The settings enable PCRecruiter to connect a mail server to send the email (individual or bulk emails).

  1. Click System
  2. Click Email Setup
  3. Click Alias List
    • Description: give this alias a name for later recognition
    • Alias Name: enter the name to appear on the email as the “sender” name
    • From Address: enter the ‘From:’ email address to be used for this alias
    • Reply-To Address: enter the email address that replies should be sent to (if different than the ‘From’ address)
    • SMTP Server (optional): Enter the server name or IP associated with this email account. The system will use a TLS encrypted connection if available. If your SMTP server requires an SSL connection, you may need to add :465 to the end of the server name. (e.g. ‘‘)
    • Disable SSL/TLS: If you want to force the email to go only through a non-SSL server connection, check this box.
  4. Save the settings. alias_list