Timesheet Notifications

Create Timesheet Form Letters

There are six letters that can be used when utilizing the PCRecruiter Timesheets functionality:

  • Approver Form Letter – Notification sent to the approver upon a Contractor submitting their timesheet
  • Approved Timesheet Form Letter – This email can send to the Contractor and/or Recruiter (Username who placed the contractor on assignment) once the Approver has approved the timesheet.
  • Reminder Form Letter – The letter selected here can be manually sent to a contractor whom has not submitted their timesheet for the week. This is achieved by clicking the Remind link on the contractor hours screen.
  • Contractor Click Agreement – Used to display any agreements/terms to the contractor during the timesheet submittal process.
  • Approver Click Agreement – Used to display any agreements/terms to the approver during the timesheet approval process 
  • Notification for Rejected Timesheet – This email is triggered when an approver has rejected a contractor’s timesheet. It can be automatically sent to the contractor and/or the recruiter (User who placed the contractor on assignment).

These letters will need to be configured via the following:

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Select Form Letters
  3. Choose Timesheet Letters
  4. Add Letter
  5. Enter a Name for your letter (this will be the subject of the email when it sends)
  6. Choose a Username and Folder if desired
  7. Enter the Body of your form letter using Insert Fields to add data to your email that will auto populate upon the letter being used. The types of fields you may include are:
    1. System – Show information relevant to the system setup (Current Date, Username, etc.)
    2. Company – Show information regarding the Company that the Contractor is currently on assignment with (Company Name, Company Location, etc.)
    3. Name – Show information about the contractor (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.)
    4. Position – Show information about the position the contractor is on assignment for (Job Title, City, etc.)
    5. Placement – Show information about the contractor’s particular placement (Bill Rate, Pay Rate, End Date, etc.)
    6. Timesheet – Show information about the pay periods timesheet data that has been entered (Hours Worked, Days Worked, Total Pay Rate, etc.)
  8. In creating these letters if you would like the recipient to have access to the timesheet directly from the email, be sure to include the insert field for ‘Timesheets.View_Timesheet’
  9. Save when finished

Selecting Letters

Once your Timesheet Letters have been created you must select them in your timesheet defaults area.

  1. Access a position that has an existing contract placement
  2. Select Placements from the Navigation toolbar
  3. Choose Action followed by Defaults
  4. Select the Notifications tab
  5. Use the selectors for each letter type to choose the letter you would like to utilize for each instance.
  6. Switch the Enabled dropdown to Yes to enable utilizing the selected letter. If you have Yes selected but do not have a letter selected the PCRecruiter Default Letter will be used (This does not apply to the Contractor and Approver Click Agreements)
  7. For the Approved Timesheet Form Letter and Notification for Rejected Timesheet you will need to use the dropdown on the far right to determine who receives the email.
    1. Contractor – The person that is on assignment
    2. Recruiter – The user who placed the contractor
    3. Both – Both the Contractor and Recruiter
  8. Save when finished