System Generated Activities

Below; you will find a list of System Generated Activities, these activities will automatically write while you are conducting your daily tasks in PCRecruiter.
SYSTEM- System Assigned Activity
ADDCOM- Add new company
ADDNAM- Add new candidate
ADDNAME- Add new candidate
ADDPOS- Add new position
ADDR- Addr Resumes
ASSESSMENT- Assessment
AUTODIAL- Telephone Autodial
BULKEMAIL- Bulk email sent
BULKLETTER- Bulk letter sent
CAREER- Career exported or imported
CHANGECO- Modify company
CHANGEPOS- Names Moved to another Position
DIAL- Auto-dial phone number
DIALER- Auto-dial phone number
EMAIL- Email sent
EMAILRECD- Email Received
EMAILNAM- Emails Recorded to Name
EMAILPOS- Emails Recorded to Position
GRABBER- Egrabber Import
INQUIRE- Online Job Inquiry
INQUIRY- Inquiry
INQUIRYC- Company inquiry
INTERVIEW- Interview activity
LETTER- Form Letter Sent
LINKNAME- Name linked to position
MERGEDUPE- Duplicate Records Merged
MODPROFILE- Modify profile
NOTES- Notes Modified
PLACED- Candidate placed to a position
RESMAIL- Emailed Resume
RESUME- Resumes Sent
ROUTING- Routed Resume
SAVECOM- Company saved
SAVEPOS- Position saved
SAVENAM- Candidate saved