What is Splitdesk?

The brand new Splitdesk allows PCRecruiter users to split activities and commissions credit between users of the database based on a new field, Predefined: Ownership. The information collected in the Splitdesk is then visible within the PCRecruiter Analytics.
**Please Note: You must have the PCRecruiter Analytics in order to utilize this feature. Please contact your sales representative to learn more.

Splitdesk Setup

The Splitdesk feature must be activated by a PCRecruiter Support Technician.

Activate the Ownership field

Activating the Ownership field will enable a new Predefined: Ownership field which can be added to each record type (Name, Company and Position) in your database. This field provides the ability to assign Ownership percentages to PCRecruiter users. For example; the position owner receives 25% of commissions/activities, candidate owner receives 50%, etc.
The percentages entered here will dictate the split of Activities and Commissions

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Add Ons
  3. Select Splitdesk
  4. Check the enable box for Use ownership fields on Candidates, Company And Position records. 
    • If the Ownership fields are not activated you can create your own list of Split Types to be applied upon placement. This list can be created by an admin by going to SystemAdd-OnsSplitdesk Types
  5. Enter the percentage of credit each Owner will receive when a placement is made. The percentages here must equal 100%. For these directions we will use 25% for all instances; Name, Company, Position and Interview.

If you do not wish to split credit for Activities, select Options and select the box to Enable Commission Only Mode

Add the Ownership field to Record Layouts

The first step to using the Splitdesk is adding the new Predefined: Ownership field to your Name, Company and Position Layouts. These steps will need to be followed for each record type (Name, Company and Position)

    1. Select a Record
    2. Choose Customize
    3. Open the field selector by clicking into an existing field or Click to Set Field
    4. Choose Predefined: Ownership from the dropdown
    5. Move the Ownership field to your desired location
    6. Save

Add the Splitdesk to Placement Layouts

The last step to setting up the Splitdesk is adding the Splitdesk Calculator to the Placement layouts.

    1. Access a Position record with an existing Placement
    2. Select Action followed by Edit for any Placement (this will be customized for all Placements of this Type)
    3. Choose the Customize Gear Icon in the bottom left corner
    4. Choose Add Group
    5. From the Group Type selector, choose Shortcut (Displays Large Frame)
    6. Done
    7. Locate the newly added field and use the dropdown to select Predefined: Split Desk Distribution
    8. If you are utilizing Commissions only mode, repeat steps 4-7 selecting Predefined: Commissions
    9. Save

Add Additional Splitdesk Types

Outside of the predefined set of Splitdesk Types (Name, Company, Position and Interview); you have the ability to add custom Splitdesk Types. These custom types can be manually added to each placement when assigning Splitdesk Credit.

    1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
    2. Select Add Ons
    3. From the Add Ons menu select Splitdesk Types
    4. Select Add
    5. Enter New Splitdesk Type
    6. Save


Splitdesk Update

The Update Splitdesk Data feature is used to populate missing Splitdesk data in your Pipelines. By running this update the first interviewer in the Pipeline will receive 100% credit for the interview.

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Global Change
  3. From the Global Change Menu select Update Splitdesk Data

PCRecruiter also gives you the option to copy the Username fields to the Ownership fields on Name, Company and Position Records. This option will assign 100% Ownership credit to the user in the Username field; meaning you will not need to go through and manually assign Ownership to existing records.

    1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
    2. Select Global Change
    3. From the Global Change Menu select Update Splitdesk Data
    4. Select checkbox for Update ownership fields for candidates, companies and positions to the user name value (If user names are valid)
    5. Apply


Assigning Ownership

Name, Company and Position Owners

  1. Select a record (Name, Company or Position) for which you would like to assign Ownership.
  2. Select the Picker for the Ownership field
  3. Use the dropdown to select a user to assign Ownership, use the field to the right to assign Ownership Percentage
  4. Click Add to add an additional Owner following above (Step 3)
  5. Save when all Owners have been added

Earlier in our setup we assigned a 25% split to the Owner of the Name, Company, Position and Interview; meaning if a there are two Owners on a Company both receiving 50% they are actually receiving 12.5% due to the original split. Whereas if a user is 100% Owner of the Name record, they are receiving the full 25%; See below for further explanation.


  1. Access the Pipeline you would like to add an interview split for
  2. Select Action – Add to access the Add Interview screen
  3. Enter your Interview Details as usual (Refresh on how to Add Interviews here)
  4. By default the first Interviewer will receive 100% of Interviewer Owner credit
  5. If you are conducting multiple interviews by multiple interviewers you can select the Splitdesk Charm
  6. Use the dropdowns to modify Interviewer percentages.
  7. Save when finished

Calculating Splitdesk Data

To calculate Splitdesk data you must first create a Placement in the database, below you will find basic instructions for doing so (Learn more about making Placements here)

  1. Select the Position you would like to create a Placement for
  2. Select Placements
  3. Choose to add a Permanent Placement or Contract/Temp Placement
  4. Enter Placement Details
  5. Save – Upon saving you will notice the Split Desk Distribution toolbar become functional
  6. If you do not wish to utilize the Ownership fields which were populated in previous steps you may manually populate Ownership data here.
  7. To utilize the Ownership fields select Click “here” to calculate based on Ownership fields. When you click this option, your Splitdesk data will auto generate based on your populated Ownership fields. This will divide credit among Activities and Commissions involved in making the Placement.
  8. If you have opted to use Commissions Only Mode, or only wish to split commissions for this particular Placement, choose Click “here” to calculate based on Ownership fields in the Commissions tab. This will split the Placement Fee upon users based on the Ownership data. – You can also manually add a new commission.
  9. Save when finished

View Splitdesk Data

The Splitdesk data will show within your Splits chart within the Analytics as well as any activity based report (excluding if you are using Commission Only Mode)

  1. Access Analytics from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Placements from the Navigation Menu
  3. Choose By Splits