Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a third party integration used to integrate video interviewing with PCRecruiter.


  1. Click on SYSTEM
  2. Select Add-Ons
  3. Choose Assessments Config
  4. Check the box for Spark Hire
  5. Open the Spark Hire settings (select arrow)
    • Enter API Key (provided by Spark Hire) for each user that will be using this feature
  6. Click SAVE

Creating Templates

  1. Click on SYSTEM
  2. On the left column, scroll to the bottom and select Plugins
  3. Select “Spark Hire”
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter a Template Name
  6. Enter Interview Questions
    • Optional: Clicking on the 3-lined box to the right of each question allows you to enter the following:
      • Time Limit
      • Takes (number of times a candidate can answer the question again)
  7. Click on Save when finished

Using Spark Hire

It is recommended that you use sample data at first when testing Spark Hire (i.e. your name and email address)

  1. Go to a position record with candidates in the pipeline
    • Required:  A Position must have data in the following 3 fields for it to be successfully transferred to Spark Hire:
      • City
      • State
      • Country
  2. Drag and Drop (or Add New) a candidate into the ‘Invited’ Folder under ‘Spark Hire Screen’
  3. Select your template from the ‘Use Question Template’ dropdown (required)
  4. Enter an Interview Due Date (required)
    • Optional:  You may create a new Template on this screen.  This can be accomplished by:
      • Not selecting an existing template
      • Entering a new Template Name in the ‘Save As New Template’ field
      • Entering Interview Questions on the right
    • Optional:  You may also add interview questions to an existing Template
  5.  Click Invite

Pipeline Stages:

  • Invited – A new interview has been created
  • Completed* – A job seeker completes an interview
  • Presented – An interview is presented to by the user to a contact
  • Deleted* – An interview is deleted by a user
  • Expired* – An interview deadline passes and the job seeker has not completed it
  • Rejected* – A job seeker deletes an interview without completing it

Denotes events that occur in SparkHire that are reflected in PCRecruiter.

How to Email an Interview

  • First Option
    1. Click on Completed folder
    2. Click on Watch under SparkHire column
    3. Click on Present
    4. Click on Send
  • Second Option
    1. Drag and Drop the Candidate to the Presented folder
    2. Click on Send