Setting up Contractor Expenses

Once a Contract/Temp placement is in your database, you can configure the possible expenses. These expenses allow you to specify the types of expenses for which the Contractor/Temp will be paid. The expenses configured will appear on the timesheet when the Contractor/Temp is submitting their timesheet

Accessing the Timesheet Expense Setup

  1. Open any position record for which a placement has been made.
  2. Click Place from the navigation toolbar, this will display all placements for the position.
  3. Select Action-Defaults
  4. Choose “Set Timesheet Defaults” to begin configuring your timesheet expenses

Expense Setup Options

Global Setup
This area is where you set up expenses to appear on all timesheets.
Position Setup
This area is where you set up expenses to appear on timesheets for all Contractors/Temps for this particular position
Assignment Setup
This area is where you set up expenses for this particular Contractor

Configuring Expenses

Once you choose the proper setup option you can begin configuring the area where contractors will submit their expenses

    1. Enter the following details


  • Description – Enter a description of the expense (i.e. mileage).
  • Quantity – Number of instances
  • Frequency – Number of occurrences during a period


        1. Options that can be used here include: Once, Show always, Daily, Weekly, Weekday, Weekend, Month Beg, Month 15th, Month end, June 30th


  • Amount – Use this area to set a pre-defined amount for the specific expense where the amount is not likely to change.
  • Pass Through – Us this area to define how much of the expese gets passed on to the client. When billing reports are generated, the amount of money in the Pass Through is billed to the client every time that expense is entered into the database. The Gross Margin Calculation included at the bottom of the timesheets will factor the pass through amount as part of the billing
  • Additional Explanation – Use this area to provide further details regarding expenses
  • G/L Account – Use this area to enter general ledger account information for payroll
  • Contractor – Check the “Show” box to display the expense to the contractor.
  • Approver – Check the “Show” box to display the expense to the Approvers