Record Cards

Recently Viewed records are shown in the form of Record Cards. These Cards allow users to quickly access the records they have recently (previous 50) worked with. These tiles allow you to view basic information about the record as well as perform standard PCRecruiter Actions. The information displayed in these tiles as well as the action icons available are customizable.
There are two areas which can be accessed in order to customize your Recently Viewed Tiles:

  1. From the System Menu
    1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
    2. Choose Configure Record Cards
    3. Choose the type of card (Name, Company, Position) you would like to configure
  2. From the Record Type
    1. From the Main Toolbar select the record type for which you wish to configure the cards.
    2. Select the Customize icon from the action toolbar in the top right corner
    3. Choose Recently Viewed

Once on the configure screen you will have the ability to select two Predefined Fields to display and β€œPin” the actions you would like available. Be sure to Save when finished.