Profile Questions

Adding a Question

  1. Click the Questions icon at the left to add questions to the profile form.  
  2. Click on ‘Click here to add a new question’ row to open the Add Question screen.

Below is a common type of question added to a profile. This example will ask for the candidate’s first name.  This example has:

  • A Question, which is visible to the candidate.
  • An Answer box, which is empty for this example since it be added by the person completing the form. All answers typed or selected are indexed for keyword searching.
  • An Answer Type of ‘Single Line’, meaning that it will be a single row in which the person will type the answer.  Refer to the Answer Type Options section of this document for a description of each available answer type.
  • The answer is ‘Required’, meaning that the person must enter a value in the field to save the form. The person will see a required indicator and be alerted if a required field is not completed upon saving.
  • The ‘Link to Field’ is set to the First Name field.  If the form is being completed for the first time by or for an existing candidate, this answer will be pre-populated with the current value in their First Name field. If the value is modified in the profile, the First Name field in the record will be updated with the new value when the profile is saved. Linking answers to fields can be useful if you expect to export or report on the answer to a specific question regularly, or if you are using a profile as a way to update field data.  Important factors to remember when linking a field to an answer in a profile:
  • Fields in PCRecruiter have a fixed length (256 characters max, but lower for some specific fields). If the answer in the profile exceeds the length of the field it is linked to, the field will contain truncated data. For this reason, we do not recommend linking answers to fields unless they are ‘single line’ or multiple-choice answer type.
  • If you link a profile answer to a multiple-choice custom field in PCRecruiter, you’ll want to be sure that the answers in the profile match the default value choices for that field.
  • Linked Fields update from the profile to the record but not the other way around. If a profile is used to put data into a linked field and then the field is directly updated by a PCR user, the profile will still display the old data for that field. If the profile is then opened and re-saved, the old data from the profile will be pushed into the field again.
  • Be careful when linking answers to Company fields. The profile will update the data in the company record that the name is linked to. If, for example, a field is linked to ‘Company Name’, altering the data in the form on a name record will re-name the company record which the name is associated with.
  • In most situations you will not make a selection in the Desired Ans(wer), Rollup Trigger, or Data Encryption fields.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the Edit Question screen to store changes for the question. You can continue adding questions to the form.  
  • Before leaving the Questions or the Edit Profile area, it is important to click the Save action icon at the top right to save all configurations for the form.

Answer Type Options

There are many different answer types available.

  • Single Line: Select the Single Line answer type if your answer requires single row.
  • Text Boxes / HTML Editor Control:  Select a Text Box answer type if your question requires a descriptive answer that will need more than a single line. The Answer Type options of Small, Medium, and Large Text Boxes will each store many characters, but the size will control how large the text box is before showing a scroll bar. An HTML Editor Control Answer Type provides a larger text area with HTML formatting options. This is the same type of control used for job descriptions and form letters.
  • Multiple Choice: Select a Multiple Choice answer type if your question will provide a list of possible answers, but the person should only select one answer.  The options of Radio (horizontal), Radio List (vertical), and Dropdown control how the options will display.  If using a Dropdown and the question is required, it is important to add ‘(Please Select)’ as the first answer option in order for PCRecruiter to recognize if a selection was made.
  • Multiple Select: Select a Multiple Select answer type if your question will provide a list of possible answers, but the person should be able to select multiple answers.  ‘Multiple Select (Checkbox)’ is recommended for a few answer options and will display answer options horizontally. ‘Multiple Select (Checkbox List)’ is recommended when you have many answer options and will display vertically.
  • Resume Upload: Select the Resume Upload answer type when the question is setup to request a resume.  The answer area will have an option to select and upload their resume. The file uploaded will be indexed for keyword searching and stored in the ‘Resume’ section of their Name record when the profile is saved.
  • File Upload: Select the File Upload answer type when the question is setup to request a file other than a resume.  For example, use File Upload to request a cover letter, letter of recommendation, etc.   The answer area will provide an option to select and upload the document, which will be stored in the ‘Attachments’ section of their Name record when the profile is saved.
  • Date: Select a Date Edit answer type when the question is setup to request a date.  Use Date Edit Asc for future dates, or Date Edit Desc for past dates. Asc and Desc controls the options in the (Year) dropdown.
  • US Phone: Select a US Phone Edit answer type when the question is setup to request phone number and store in US Format. US Phone Edit W/Ext is recommended for work phone. If you need flexibility for international phone numbers, use the Single Line answer type and instruct to include + before an international number.
  • Electronic Signature:  Use this answer type to provide a box in which individual can use their mouse to sign their name.
  • Caption Only (Heading): Use this answer type to create a header to group related questions.  The text entered in the question will display in a darker header row and have no associated answer area.
  • Email Address or Confirm Email Address:  Use this answer type to collect an email address. This answer type will ensure that they are entering a valid email format, instead of ‘do not email me’ or ‘xxxxx’. This type of question should always require an answer since email address is used for web extensions access and the most unique identifier for a name record.  It should always be linked to the Email Address field of the name record. The difference between Email Address and Confirm Email Address, is the Confirm Email Address will provide 2 boxes (instead of one) in which they type their email address. The values will be compared upon saving.  Use Email Address OR Confirm Email Address – do not use both answer types in the same profile form.
  • Password:  Profiles can completed from a record, or emailed to existing name record. They can also be used to replace the standard registration form for the web extensions.  If you are creating a profile to replace the standard registration form, you’ll need to add a Password question.  There are two types of Password fields:
    • Password Field: Use this option to have the person enter a password. When using the Password field, the password will be stored in the Password or Identification field based on the configuration in the Candidate Security Policy area (System > Candidate Web Extensions).
    • Confirm Password: This question should be directly after the Password question. Adding this second question using the Confirm Password answer type will provide a second box in which the person has to re-type the same password.  They will be alerted if the passwords do not match upon saving. The Confirm Password also adds the option to Generate Random Password.
  • Secret Question / Answer: When using the profile to replace the Registration Form and your database is configured to store a candidate’s password ‘Hashed in the Password Field’ (System > Candidate Web Extensions > Candidate Security Policy), you will need to add questions using the ‘Secret Question’ answer type and the ‘Secret Answer’ answer type to your profile. When the candidate uses the Forgot Password form, they will be presented their security question. They will need to type in the correct answer in order for PCRecruiter to show the password reset form. In the email they receive, they can reset their password and create a different security question/answer.
  • Hidden Data Field: Allows for entering searchable keywords into the Answer box that will not be visible when the form is viewed.
  • Full Postal Code: While you can use a Single Line Answer Type, with the question linked to the field ‘Zip’, you may want to consider using the Full Postal Code answer type linked back to the ‘Full Postal Code’ field. Using this setup for zip or postal codes will support US and international postal code formats.
  • History Collection: Every Name Record has a section called History used to store a person’s credentials. You can include History Collection questions into your PCR Profiles giving you the ability to collect:
    • Work History
    • References
    • Licenses
    • Education
    • Military Service

Before adding History Collection to your profile, the History Collection must be configured.

    • Click System.
    • Click Database Setup
    • Click History Fields.