Profile Expiration

When a Profile form is emailed, the encoded link contains the following pieces of information:

  • Which database and account the form belongs to.
  • Which form in that database is being linked.
  • Which record in the database the form belongs to.
  • The date/time at which the Profile link was generated and emailed.

By default, emailed profile links remain active for an Unlimited amount of time. This means that the URL can be re-opened and used again at any time as long as the recipient’s record still exists in the database. In some cases, this can be advantageous, allowing the contact to keep their record up to date by simply opening and re-saving the link via the URL they were given. However, there may be times when you want to prevent editing or re-submission of the form outside of a specific time window.

If the “Emailed profile link remains active for” dropdown is set to a specific number of days (up to 365), PCRecruiter will compare the current date/time to the date/time stored in the emailed link. If the specified number of days has been exceeded, the recipient will see a message indicating that the link has expired.

Checking the “Send notification if expired link is opened” box will cause the PCRecruiter user who sent the profile form to receive an emailed notification if a recipient attempts to open the form after it has expired. This may be helpful in determining whether a previously unresponsive candidate has become active again, or if someone attempted to submit a form that was overdue.