Viewing the Pipeline

The PCRecruiter Pipeline is the heart and soul of the PCRecruiter Database. The Pipeline is used to track a user’s Candidates in relation to a specific position including what Step they are in during the Interview Process and any Activities that are happening along the way. This can include things such as Telephone Interviews, In Person Interviews, Background Checks, Referral Calls and more. The Pipeline also allows for easily interacting with the Candidates via a quick Drag and Drop of their Record Card, or Adding an Interaction with complete details.

There is also a Detail Pane which allows for a quick overview of the Candidate Record, Viewing Notes and quickly paging through Resumes of the Active Candidates.


The Inbox will show all Names that have been Linked to the Pipeline by a user or who have applied to the Position via the PCRecruiter Job Board (Or other 3rd party sites that may be linked). Below the records Name, Linkname or Online Inquiry will be displayed as well as the date that the action took place.

Pipeline Inbox

Pipeline View Options

Located in the top right corner of the Pipeline, the Pipeline View Options allow you to adjust the View of your Pipeline quickly and easily. You can choose to display or hide additional Card Details, switch between the Card and List view or Expand/Collapse all of the Columns.

Pipeline View Options


Placements are the final step in your Pipeline process. Here you will find all Candidates that have been placed either Permanently or on Contract for the Position. To Place a Candidate simply drag and drop them into this step, you will then be prompted to choose if it is a Permanent or Contract Placement. Once you make a choice you will then be prompted to enter the Placement Details.


By right clicking a Candidate you can also choose Place Candidate from the menu; doing so will automatically move them to the Placements area.

Once a Candidate is Placed, right clicking will allow you to View the Placement Details or Delete the Placement (Deleting the Placement will move them back to their previous Step).

Placements Right-Click

When viewing a card in the Placements Step the Placed Date and Start Date will always be displayed.

Recently Viewed

Once the Detail Pane has been opened for a Name (Via the Right Click Menu), that Name is then added to your Recently Viewed tab on the right. These Recently Viewed Names are specific to your Username and this Pipeline.

Recently Viewed

If you would like to start fresh with your Recently Viewed Names simply click Clear Recent at the bottom of the pane.


From the Name Cards or the Detail Pane you can choose to Pin a Name. This is a great for batch processing to allow you to quickly flip through and identify top candidates. These Pinned Names can then be found in the tab on the right. Clicking a Name from the Pinned panel will open the record in the Details Pane. From here you can easily flip through all your Pinned Names using the arrows. Pinned Records are specific to this Position and can be seen by other users.


If you would like to start your Pinned records from scratch, click Clear Pins at the bottom of the Pane.


Each Step can be sorted by clicking the ‘AZ’ icon at the top. Once you select the icon you can sort Ascending or Descending by the following options:

  • Date Entered
  • Step Date
  • Activity Date
  • Activity Count
  • Rating

Whichever option you choose will be displayed as the bottom line on the record card. (Note: The sort feature does work within the Inbox and Placements but the display will not change to reflect the sort field name)


Actions/Out of Process

At the bottom of the Pipeline you will see Actions and Out of Process options. Once records have been selected you can choose to move them Out of Process or complete an Action via these options.

Actions/Out of Process

Detail Pane

The Detail Pane is a view that will slide out from the right side of the screen when accessed. It displays the following information:

  • Basic information about the Name
  • Resume
  • History (Here you can edit a Step that has been saved previously to reschedule or add notes)
  • Feedback
  • Name Notes
  • Pipeline Progress
  • Star Rating

Once the Detail Pane is opened you can utilize the left and right arrows to flip through the other Names in that Step (Or Pinned Names if accessed from the Pinned Panel).

You can access the Detail Pane by clicking the Record Icon within a Card

Pipeline Record Card

Pipeline Detail


When viewing the Resume tab you can choose to view either the regular or blinded version of the Candidates Resume. You can also click the email to send the blinded version (if you would like to send the regular version, click the PCR Files tab on the Compose Email screen to select it.

Pipeline Resume


The Feedback area allows users to manually add and view feedback for the selected Candidate in regards to the Pipeline currently being viewed. By selecting Add, the User will be prompted to enter the following details:

  • Feedback Text: The content of the Feedback
  • Star Rating: A visual indicator of how “Good or Bad” the Feedback is

Other Pipeline Views

Name Pipeline

The Name Pipeline allows users to see an overview of a Candidate in relation to any positions they are in the Pipeline for. This view can be accessed by selecting Pipeline from the Navigation Menu on a Name Record.

Name Pipeline

Once on this screen you will see each Position they are linked to, and you can determine where they are in the process by using the following key:

  • If a Step is colored in, they have been (or are currently) in that step
  • The Horizontal Bar under a Step shows where they currently are in the process
  • An Outlined Step indicated that the Candidate skipped that Step
  • A grayed out Step indicates that the Candidate has not yet gotten to that Step

Click the arrow to expand each column to view additional details. From here, you can click any Step and Edit it.

Name Pipeline Chart

If you wish to add a Step to a Candidate or move a candidate Out of Process, you can do so by clicking the corresponding ‘+’ icon for the Position on the Right.

Note: If the Candidate is linked to any Positions that are utilizing the legacy Pipeline, you will not see the pipeline overview. You can, however, click the arrow to see the details and edit any Interview as necessary.

Company Pipeline

Similar to the Name Pipeline, this screen allows you to see all Positions for a Company and an overview of each Pipeline. This overview screen will show you a count of how many Candidates are currently in a Step vs. how many Candidates have ever been in the Step.

Company Pipeline

Note: Any Positions using the legacy Pipeline will not show a Pipeline Overview. You will need to access the Pipeline from the Position to view the details.