Submitting Candidates via the Pipeline

There are several options when submitting candidates to external hiring authorities from the Pipeline. We will cover them here.

Submitting an Individual Candidate – Pipeline Email

Once a Candidate is in the Pipeline you have the option to send their Resume and additional important details to a Hiring Manager via a Pipeline Email Template.

Create the Pipeline Email

First you will need to create the Pipeline Email that will be sent to the Hiring Authority. This letter can contain details about the Candidate in addition to Position and Company Details that will automatically populate in the letter upon sending.

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Click Form Letters
  3. Click Pipeline Emails
  4. Click Add Letter from the Action menu
  5. Enter a Name for the Email, this is how Users will find and select the Email
  6. Enter an Email Subject to be used when sending the Email
  7. You will see an option for¬†‚ÄúDo Not Include Copy of Resume‚ÄĚ, for this example we will leave that box unchecked, so the Resume is included with the Email.
  8. Type the content of your email into the Email Body area
    1. Use the Insert Fields button to pull details from the Candidate, Position, Company and/or Step into the email.
  9. Click Save when finished
Example Email
Example Email

Send the Pipeline Email

There are two ways to send the Pipeline Email you have created. The first option is via the Name Card.

Note: If you have ‚ÄúInterview‚ÄĚ Insert Field options selected they will populate with the details that were entered for the Candidates current Step.

  1. Right Click a Name Card and choose Email
  2. Click Template
  3. Select your Pipeline Email
  4. Manually Enter an Email Address in the To field, or use Send Options to select the Contact, Interviewer or Candidate.
  5. Make any additional changes if necessary
  6. Send

The second option is from the Add Interaction screen.

Note: If you have ‚ÄúInterview‚ÄĚ Insert Field options being used, a placeholder will show in the Email Body, upon sending the details from the Interaction you just entered will be added automatically.

  1. Access the Add Interaction screen either by right clicking a Name Card or Selecting a Name Card and choose Add Interaction
  2. Once you have added your Step Details, toggle the Send Email option to On
  3. Click Template
  4. Choose your Template
  5. Manually enter an Email Address in the To field or select the Candidate, Contact or Interviewer Names
  6. Make any additional changes if necessary
  7. Send

Submitting Multiple Candidates – Routing

The Pipeline Routing option is a basic option for submitting multiple Candidates to a Hiring Authority at once. You can choose to utilize a Routing Form Letter Template here, but you can also create your email on the fly. If you do choose to use the Form Letter please note that you cannot use Name Insert Fields since there are multiple Names selected.

Create the Routing Form Letter (Optional)

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Click Form Letters
  3. Click Pipeline Routing
  4. Click Add Letter
  5. Enter a Description; Note that this Description will automatically populate as the Subject of the Email when sending.
  6. Enter Email text into the Email Body area
    1. You can utilize the Insert Field options to include details related to the Company or Position. You cannot use Name Insert Fields here as there is more than one Name included when Routing.
  7. Click Save when finished

Send the Routing Email

  1. Select the Names to Submit in the Pipeline by left clicking them
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click Routing
  4. Click Template to choose your Pipeline Routing Letter (Optional)
  5. Enter an Email Address into the To Field
  6. Enter an Email Subject
  7. Edit the body of your Email
  8. Click Send Options

    Routing Options

  9. Choose Names Per Email up to 10
  10. Choose if you want to have a generic file name for each file or the Candidate Name
  11. Click Send when finished

Submitting Multiple Candidates – Candidate Presentations

The most advanced tool for submitting Candidates is via the Candidate Presentation tool. This feature allows you to choose your candidate and create a ‚Äúpacket‚ÄĚ for the Hiring Manager to view Resumes and Details and provide Feedback directly to you.

By using the feature, the Names Presented will automatically be moved through your Pipeline Steps based on what has happened with their Presentation (When using the Default Pipeline Template).

Note: An Administrative User can configure Presentation Templates in the System menu, but they do not need to be configured to utilize this feature.

Be sure to check out our Learning Center or LMS for full directions for using the Candidate Presentation tool.

  1. Select the Names you wish to present by clicking their Name Cards in the Pipeline
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click Create Presentation, a new tab will open with your Candidate Presentation

Presentation Settings

  1. Select the Template you wish to use, once the template is selected; all settings will populate according to how they are setup in the System menu
  2. The Name of your Presentation will populate with ‚ÄúCandidate For¬†Job Title-Job ID ###‚ÄĚ. You can modify this prior to sending if desired.
    1. The ### will be used to track how many presentations have been done for this specific position
  3. Modify presentation settings as necessary, any changes made here are specific to the current Candidate Presentation. (See Creating/Modifying Presentation Templates on the Learning Center for more details on these settings)

Design Window

There are three areas in the design window; the candidate names column, field data column and the attachments section. It is important to note that you can select ‚ÄúEdit Name Record‚ÄĚ to make modifications to the field data prior to sending for each candidate. Once the presentation is sent, this button appears as the ‚ÄúFeedback‚ÄĚ button to the recipient.

  1. Rearrange the order the Names will appear in if sending as a packet. This can be done by¬†dragging and dropping¬†each button to its desired order. The¬†‚ÄúHide/Show‚Ä̬†toggle at the top of this column will dictate if the Candidate Names are displayed to the recipient.
  2. Fields that are included in the template are selected to be included in the presentation; you may¬†uncheck¬†any fields that you do not want included in this presentation. Note: If a candidate does not have a value in a displayed field ‚Äė‚ÄĒ‚Äď‚Äė will appear and that field will not be included in the presentation.
  3. Select the attachments you would like to include. Keep in mind, any resumes, global attachments, or profiles that were selected during setup will automatically be included.
  4. Select Preview Presentation to ensure everything is correct (if desired)
  5. Choose Send Presentation
  6. If you have created a¬†Presentation Form Letter, select the letter ‚Äď it will populate in the box below and can be edited if desired prior to sending.
  7. Using the selector in the From field you may select the email address you wish to send this presentation from
  8. In the To field, enter desired recipients, each recipient will receive a blinded copy of the email.
    1. Note: The recipient must have a name record in PCR to send the person a presentation. If you would like to send to an email address other than the primary email field, select the three dots for the desired recipient and then choose your alternate Email Address.
  9. Enter Email Subject
  10. If you did not create a Presentation form letter; enter your email body into the text box:
    1. Use Insert Fields to enter the following: Recipient First or Last Name, System fields (Username, Date, Signature, etc.), and any profile link.
    2. Use Presentation Link¬†to include the link to the presentation. You can choose ‚ÄúPresentation Packet‚ÄĚ to have one link in the email which will display all of the candidates. Or you can insert each name into the email individually (you must include all selected names to send).
  11. Choose Send to send your presentation

Upon refreshing the Pipeline (When using the Default Pipeline Template) the Names that were Presented are now in the Sent to Hiring Manager Step

Candidate Presentation

Viewing Presentations

When a recipient receives a presentation email, they will be able to select the presentation link to open the Candidate Presentation. Once here they can toggle between the presented Candidates and view their various attachment sections with ease. If multiple attachments were selected within the same attachments tab, they will automatically be combined into one PDF.

Upon refreshing the Pipeline once again (When using the Default Pipeline Template) the Names that have been viewed will automatically be moved to the Viewed by Hiring Manager Step. (Note: If the Presentation Packet is used, all names will be moved when the packet is opened, if individual links are used the Names will move as their links are clicked)

Submitting Feedback for a Candidate

When a Hiring Authority is viewing a candidate presentation, they will see a Feedback option at the top of the detail’s column, they can select this to enter Feedback for each candidate included in the presentation. The feedback entered will include their name, email address, feedback text and star rating.

Note: We require the Client to enter their Name and Email Address the first time they view a Presentation. This information is then saved and applied to future presentations for tracking. Upon refreshing the Pipeline one last time (When using the Default Template) the Names that have had Feedback submitted to them will now be in the Feedback Received Step.