Modify Notes

The notes section is a keyword searchable area used to add information about your records. Notes are time, date, and username stamped automatically upon adding.

Viewing Notes

To view a record’s notes you will want to select the Notes icon from the navigation toolbar on the left side of the screen. This will display notes that have been added by all users.

Adding Notes

Quick Add Toolbar

Notes can be added by selecting the “+” icon located on the green bannerquick_add_notes

Notes View

When viewing the notes screen you can select the “+” icon from the action toolbar on the right side of the record.add_notes

Search or Rollup List

From either of these screens you have the ability to select Action, followed by Add Noteadd_notes_from_search

Editing Notes

To edit a note you must be in note view, accessed by selecting notes from the navigation menu. Once here you can select Edit from the action menu and modify your notes accordingly.