The Notes section is a keyword searchable area used to add information about each of your records (Names, Companies and Positions). Notes are automatically stamped with the Date, Time and Username upon entry.

Viewing Notes

There are two options for viewing Notes, they can be viewed from the Notes Navigation or from the Notes Widget on the record. From either view you will see all of the Notes that are associated with the record as well as have the ability to Edit, Add or Bookmark.

Notes Navigation

From the record choose Notes from the Navigation Toolbar

Notes Widget

The Notes Widget allows you to interact with the Notes of a record without needing to navigate to a separate tab. If you wish to use this feature, you (Or an Admin user) will need to add it to your layout. To do so, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select either a Name, Company or Position Record (Depending on which record you wish to see it on)
  2. Click Customize from the Action Menu
  3. Click Add Group
  4. Choose Shortcut (Displays Large Frame)
  5. Click Done
  6. Scroll to the bottom of your layout and locate the box labeled Click to Set Field
  7. Click onto the Click to Set Field text, a dropdown will appear
  8. Choose Predefined: *View Notes from the dropdown
  9. Click Save
  10. Reload the page to see the new widget you have added

Viewing Options

Within either of these areas there are two options for viewing; a more traditional List View and a modern Tile View. You can toggle between the options in the right corner of the Notes area when they are being viewed.

List View:

Tile View:

Adding Notes

Notes View

When viewing the Notes simply click into the entry area to begin adding a new Note. Click Save when finished.

Quick Add

If you are not viewing the Notes, you can also add Notes by clicking either of the Quick Add options; either from the Recently Viewed Record Card or the toolbar on the right

Search Results/Rollup Lists

From either Search Results or Rollup Lists you also have the option to select Add Note from the Actions column.

Editing Notes

To edit a Note, locate the Note you’d like to edit in either the Widget or Notes Navigation. Click the Note and you will see it appear in the Editing Pane to the left. Make your edits and then choose Save/Update. Once you have done this you will see the Note flagged as Edited when viewing it moving forward.

Bookmarking Notes

Important Notes can be Bookmarked as a way to have them remain at the top of the Notes viewing area (regardless if you are viewing in a tile or list view). This is done simply by selecting the Bookmark icon for the Note either while Adding, Editing or Viewing.

Note: You can Bookmark multiple Notes per each record, the most recent will always appear first.

Searching Notes

Users have the ability to search their database using the Keyword Search option from a Name, Company or Position Search. Conducting a search here will yield results from the Notes section (As well as Resume, Summary, Keywords, Profiles and Attachments – Lucene Customers Only). For more information on searching please visit or

When viewing Notes on a Record, you can also search that particular Record’s Notes via the search box in the right corner. This will hide Notes that do not contain the search terms you are looking for, while also highlighting the search terms where your results are found.

Please Note: If you are conducting a Keyword Search using the Keyword 1 or 2 Search Engine and then choosing to view the Notes from your Search Results you will not see the new Notes View until clicking the Notes Navigation.

To upgrade to our Lucene Search Engine and see the new Notes View here, please contact your PCRecruiter Account Representative.