Navigating and Pinning Icons


When you log into your database, you will have a Main Toolbar of up to 10 icons at the top of your screen; we will refer to these as “Icons on the Main Toolbar”.
Within the Main Toolbar there may be icons you do not use as often as others. Click the carrot to the right of the toolbar to display pinning options. A checkmark indicates an item is currently pinned to the the main display. By clicking the checkmark the icon will be removed from your main toolbar. To pin and specify the order to show, click the unpinned (push pin) icons in the desired sequence.
Please note that your navigation options never fully disappear, they are just removed from immediate view and are accessible by clicking the carrot icon.

main toolbar


The Main Toolbar is usually your starting point to begin an action. For example, clicking the Name icon on the Main Toolbar will open the Name Basic Search screen in which you enter search criteria and view search results.   When a record is clicked, the details about the record open at the bottom.
In both the Search and the Details areas, there are icons at the left and the right. Like the Main Toolbar, you can pin and unpin these icons. The icons at the left will be referred to simply as “Navigation Icons”.  The icons typically provide access to other methods or areas related to the record.  Example of related Icons for a Name record are Resume, Attachments, Activities, Notes, etc.  For clarity, the icons at the right will be referred to as “Action Icons”.  Examples of action icons for a name record are Add, Save, Delete, Configure, and Help.
When you open the details of a record, you may want to view more information without scrolling. At the top right (above the Action Icons) are arrows to expand and collapse the bottom frame. This can be helpful when you want to view a record full screen. This is especially helpful for Name records, Position records, or the Schedule as they usually are lengthy windows.navigate_and_pin