Name Activities Search

Use Names Activities Search to find activities created during a period of time for Name records. Learn how to create activities here.

  1. Click Activities on the main toolbar
  2. Click the Name icon
  3. Enter Activity created Date Range
  4. Select the number of records per page
  5. Select the Order By (sort preference)
  6. In the Text Search, you can filter by the text written to the Activity Text area.
  7. Select Additional Filters (OPTIONAL)
    1. Filter by Last Name
    2. Filter by First Name
    3. Filter by User Name
    4. Filter by Company Name
    5. Filter by Activity Type
    6. Filter by Rollup List
    7. Filter by Position Id (Returns all activities for names in the pipeline for selected position)
    8. Select Activity Types to be excluded
  8. Click the Search action icon.  Once you return the activities, you can print results, rollup the names into a list, or bulk email the names.stacy pic 4 name ATS