Interview Status Codes

Interview Status Codes represent one half of each step a candidate may goes through during the recruiting process for a position. PCRecruiter Interview Types represent the other half. These two halves create one whole “Interview Record” in PCRecruiter. Both are customizable to match your process.
Interview Types are the umbrella stage a candidate may be placed in during the applicant tracking process. Underneath Interview Types are the Interview Status Codes which better define the stage.
For instance, a candidate may be placed into an Out of Process Interview Type to signify they are no longer in the running for a position. The Interview Status Code qualifies this by being more specific as to why the person is Out of Process such as a Hiring Authority Passed or the Candidate Withdrew.interview_status_codes

How to Add Interview Status Codes

  1. First Setup your Interview Types (Click here to learn how to rename these)
  2. Go to System from your main toolbar
  3. Select Database Setup
  4. Choose Pipeline Setup
  5. Click the Add action icon
  6. Enter a Code (displayed in the Interview Record as abbreviated Interview Status Code)
  7. Enter a Description
  8. Link to an Interview Type, this is the type your new status will appear under
  9. Select Priority (displays alphabetically under the Interview Type unless you set a numerical order)
  10. Click Save
  11. Repeat until all Interview Status Codes are enteredinterview status codes